Struggles and Re-charging

It has been a week since I had my last day at work. And it has, in a small way, been a rough one. 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my time not having a schedule to follow, not commuting to and from Market Market, not having to spend money for food, sleeping in, Facebook, reading books, more time with man, etc.

But the thing is, for the first few days, I’m having a hard time sleeping. It’s been a real struggle. I’m still used to my night shift body clock. I sleep as early as 5-6PM and wake up at dawn, 3-4 AM. And the sickest part is, I am hungry by midnight. And I’m supposed to be on a diet.

So I just tried to tire myself the whole day so I’d be sleepy early. And yes, it worked. I slept 6PM and woke up the next day. It’s really refreshing and I feel like I’m recharged.

As off the moment, I don’t sleep that early anymore, but I’m up early the next day. I think it’s better, because I get to accomplish a lot of things.

From the week that passed, I was able to finish a new book, continue reading the book that has been put to hiatus, having a One Tree Hill marathon, delivered an order, now starting a new order, now trying to make my new business into a reality.

I’ve got long days ahead, wish all of them will be as productive as this.

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