So How was Your Leap Year 2012?

1. Pay day
2. 7 hours of sleep
3. Mani-Ped+foot massage
4. bread talk + milk tea fix

But if there’s one significant and best moment that I would always remember when asked about my February 29, 2012 was when I bid good bye to one of the people that I like a lot here in my office, Ms. Regine. She was our country manager’s executive assistant who’s moving to Malaysia soon for a job opportunity.

She told me that when she returns, she wants to see me in a higher position, be it in this company or in a different company. She wants to see me and my business expanding. She wants to see me and Jhe’s baby as a Mercedes not only a Kia. She wants me to do better.

Basically, what she told me was to MOVE UP because she knows that I’m better than this. She wants me to succeed in life, that’s why if there’s an opportunity for a career growth (or with life itself), she told me to grab it. Even if you have to leave the certain work place you have now, ganon daw talaga ang buhay.

I know that Ms. Regine, even without you telling me those, I know it. I know I won’t be forever like this. I know I’ll make it big someday, in the right time, with the right opportunity.

With what Ms. Reg told me awhile ago, I’m now at peace with myself, with the decision I already made, even without us talking. She just assured me that I will be doing the right thing.


(Leftmost lady in the pic) Ms. Reg, Bon Voyage! Good Luck with your new life in Malaysia! I’ll see you when there’s another chance for me to visit the country again. See you again soon! I will definitely miss your bubbly self. 🙂

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