NO TO Hollywood -inspired Batangas sign at the Taal Volcano

Gov. Vi is one of my favorite actresses of all time and I respect her as an actress as much as I respect her as a politician, a “mother” especially to a place that is really close to my heart- Lipa/Batangas. But with her idea of the construction of ala Hollywood sign of Batangas on the volcano itself is ABSURD!

1. How could they possibly think of destroying the beauty of this natural wonder. Great way to destroy a great view. Putting up that sign would not attract more tourists. Are the numerous Batangas beaches not enough for your province’s tourism? Puntahan ito ng mga tao, all year round- rain or shine. Taal being seen in both provinces is like hitting 2 birds in one stone, admiring both Batangas and Tagaytay na ito. Can’t we just leave it at that?

2. As far as I remember, everytime Taal is identified, it’s always “Taal, Batangas”. Never naman naging “Taal, Tagaytay” or “Taal, Cavite”. It just so happen na maganda yugn view sa Tagaytay, it doesn’t mean na inaangkin nila ito. Hindi naman kasi talaga dapat angkinin, kasi para naman talaga ito sa bawat Pilipino.

3. It’s just a waste of fund. They’ll be just wasting time, money and effort. it would be much better if they’ll just allocate the money for education and livelihood of the people living in the area or for the province itself. Or since we’re talking about tourism, why not use it for other ways. O kaya mukang excess money yan, why not give it as additional funding to fix our airports.

Sobrang affected ako kasi I’m all for the beauty of our country, pero ang sirain ito para lang sa isang worthless signage? VERY VERY BAD! People will always visit Batangas or Tagaytay with or with out the signage, no matter what!!!

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