Live: Nicholas Sparks in Manila

Two months ago, I learned that my favorite author is coming here in Manila for a book signing for his new best seller, The Best of Me. I was so excited because this is a rare chance right? As the book signing event is nearing, news came that only 650 people will be able to get their book signed. Well, that’s fine, the problem is, it’s like a draw. So, you are not sure if you’ll get picked. My excitement died down. What are my chances, knowing me, no luck at all.

Last Friday came and I read that there will be two book signing events. The Podium event and the Greenbelt event. The Greenbelt event will accommodate the first 200 books bought. I believe, I have higher chances of having the chance to have my book signed and have a picture with him.

So, right after the Trick or Treat at my office, I went straight to Greenbelt 4 and was surprised with the long line at the front of Powerbooks and it’s just 8:30 am. At 10:30 am, my book is already in my hand. Past 11am, one of the world’s best selling author and author of the best love stories is already in the mini stage. One of Powerbooks/National Bookstore’s officer where the ones doing the short interview. By 12:15 pm, I’m out of Powerbooks, HAPPIER THAN MY NIECES WHO GOT A BASKET OF CANDIES from ToT this morning.
Thanks for all the inspirations on life and love 🙂


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