PF Conquers Potipot Island, Zambales

May 14-15, 2011

All 10 of us – Me+Jhe, Aimee+Bry, Lor+Mon, Ses, Deo, Kix & Jai – camped out at my place midnight of our trip so we can leave in the wee hours of the morning. We rented a van so we’ll be relaxed through out our trip. It was a 4-5 hour drive to Candelaria, Zambales.

We stayed at Sunbloom Resort in Barangay Uacon.

Since we arrived at lunch time, resident chef, Deo took charge of the kitchen. Everyone actually helped. But I’m so happy to inform you that I was able to cook my first Menudo!

After lunch we all prepped up for our boat ride to the Potipot Island.

We didn’t missed the photo opp with the island.

The boat ride was just at least 15 minutes and we had to pay 400php/boat for a round trip ride to and from the resort. We also had to pay 100php for the entrance to the island. I guess it’s for the maintenance. You can actually stay there overnight (for 200php fee) by camping in tents or renting tables or cottages that are also available.

The island was in circular shape, not so big that you could actually walk around it in an hour or two maybe (well, depends on the time you spent for taking pictures. LOL). What it lacks in size, it makes up with its beauty. It’s water is shallow and clear. It’s sand is white, fine and powdery.

But we came at the wrong time, because the beach was kind of dirty with dried seaweeds alone the shore. We stayed at one side the whole afternoon, then walked to the other side, later that day.

We went to one of the famous spots which is the fallen tree for the mandatory-Potipot-drift-wood-shot.

Although the island is entirely surrounded by water, the middle part is dry with green grass and trees. We noticed this when we were heading back to where our boats are docked. We had to take the shortcut going back to the boats. Since it started raining, we had to hurry, so we passed by the middle area instead of passing through the circumference of the island. In short, we weren’t able to go around the island since it rained and it’s starting to get dark, and we had to go back to our resort.

Back at the resort, Chef Deo and some of us prepared our dinner. After dinner, we rested for a while then the merry making began: drinks+videoke+kwentos+laughter.

The next morning, after we had breakfast, we just stayed by the shore of our resort, took pictures.

Then after changing and taking our last photo op with the beauty of Potipot,

we’re off to Manila a little after lunch, stop over at Meat Plus, Subic for late lunch.

Address: Barangay Uacan, Candelaria, Zambales
Mobile: (+63906) 279-3607

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