Haley, my new partner-in-crime

Last February, during my friend, Julie’s celebratory party, I met a friend of hers who owns a Canon Powershot G11 and it instantly have my eyes feasted on it.

I knew I have to have it.

Yes, even if I had my point and shoot, Sony T2 and my SLR, Nikon d40.

I came to planning to have it bought it the US by either my Papa or my Auntie Grace and have it brought home by my cousin Chad if he still pushed through or by my friend, Mike since he’s going back to the country earlier and would have make it on time of my upcoming trips. I canvassed on different gadget online shops and found out that it may just have the same price and fees if I just buy it here that have it bought in the US and have to wait for it to be brought here. At least if I buy it here, even if it’s a little pricier that the one in the US, I’ll have it with me right away. So I changed my mind, and decided to have it bought here.

One of the online stores that I was able to have a good price for a Canon Powershot G12 (which is the upgraded version of the G11 that I firs saw) was Gadget-Consult at P20,900. The lowest that I saw, but there’s no freebies which is fine with me. I’ve been inquiring to them ever since end of March. I even looked for accessories. Come, Monday, May 2 2011, as I was almost ready with the cash, I asked them again if the price is still P20,900. She said, it still is. I told her I am getting the unit on Friday. She told me she’ll get back to me in 30 minutes for the time and place of meet up. Well, she didn’t, not until I sent her a message again few hours after. She said if 1:30PM at SM Makati OK with me. I said Yes. Tuesday, May 3 at 1:30PM, I received a text message that their messenger, Lance is already at Mcdo in SM Makati. I told them, I’m not getting the unit until Friday. They said, it’s okay. So come Thursday, I asked if where we are meeting up. Friday, I was in Mcdo SM Makati 40 minutes before the meet up. You know I am quite hesitant with this things coz I don’t know the person whom I’m buying. It’s okay if it’s just clothes eh, but this is a gadget with P20,000 at stake. When I saw the messenger, I was relieved seeing 3 other customers with their gadgets, much expensive that the one I bought. He gave me my G12 so i can inspect it while he is still attending to the others. When he is done and was about to give me my receipt, he asked me how much was the price that we talked about, I told him it’s P20.9k.. he told me that there is a problem, because in his list, it’s already P23,250. Since last week, the prices of Canon products rose because there was also price increase from their supplier in Japan. I told him, I just asked last Monday and it’s still P20.9k, that’s why that’s what I prepared. He told me He can’t do the transaction unless I talk to the person I had a deal with. So, I tried calling her but there’s no answer. It took a while before Jelyn answered her phone. She told me she’d fix it. But when she called back, she did nothing. The price is really P23 and I have a choice if I’d buy it or not. The problem here is they don’t know how to compromise. I’m right there, still willing to buy their unit even if communication with them is bad, and they don’t have a word of honor. I was telling her, that it was their fault they gave me the wrong price and was telling her I could give the 21k now and I’ll just deposit the 2k when I get home. She said that they won’t accept that. They’ll just meet me up in Shang, same day after I withdraw my cash. I told her it’s not in my bank. My money is at home, and we were in Makati and I leave in Pasig. 😐 Take it or leave it. FINE. I just left.

SO, TO GADGET-CONSULT I GIVE YOU A ZERO. First, you reply late (I just put up with it). Second, you gave me the wrong price and won’t compromise. Third, you are rude. And you won’t get any referrals from me. DUH!

I left Mcdonald’s SM Makati in a depressed state. Imagine, I’m already holding the unit and then, I left with nothing?

When I got home, I tried to look for another store. I found DB Gadgets and was able to make a deal. He responded as soon as I texted and not days after. And we met up today. And now, I got my Haley. She’s really worth the wait. So you guys, if you need to buy a gadget, check on DB Gadgets. Thanks so much and till my next transaction – Hello BB? 🙂


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