September 26, Saturday

I woke up at lunch time doing what I usually do everyday. I go online, check my accounts. Then I read a lot of tweets about the floods in various places and the traffic in EDSA. I still have no knowledge that there was already an ankle high flood in front of my house.

When I went down to have lunch that’s when I knew about the flood. I was surprised because our area is like the highest part in the street and it don’t usually flood in here. Not just we were in the highest area BUT our house was built higher and bigger than the other houses here. At our old house down the middle of our street, the flood was already knee high and that was typical to us for the last 2 decades until it was fixed last year. It hasn’t flood in that area eversince despite of how heavy the rain was.

As I finished eating lunch, water slowly crept in through the lowest part of my house the door to the lanai and the kitchen door. We immediately carried our fridge to our living room. But it didn’t take long after the water goes higher. After 30 minutes, the internet was gone, so our landline and electricity. We’re down to our celphones for means of communications which wouldn’t last the next day because our batteries were not full. The next few hours were spent bringing things up to the 2nd floor. The sala set and the dining chairs were brought up but we didn’t have enough time to save the bed in the guest room, the long sala set and the dining table because the water was so fast.

At 2PM, the water in the living room was already knee high, kitchen was waist high and the outside was chest high. Mommy and ate Ruby got as much food that they could save in the pantry.

It went so fast, it was already neck high in the kitchen by then. We stopped saving our things at around 7PM. By then, the rooftop of our neighbor, the one in front of our house, was the only thing that you can see. Other bungalo houses suffered the same fate.

Ate Belen and her family (the one who lives in our front) were asked by mommy to swim to our house. We threw Denzel’s floater to them and they swam to our house, by then, water was coming to their second floor already. Lagpas tao na yung water outside. It was already around 6 ft in the living room which meant that in the kitchen it was deeper. Our phones’ batteries (all 10 of them) were almost draining because of friends and relatives checking on us. But it doesn’t matter anymore because while there was still light outside, Globe and Smart were already gone. Sun was the last network standing, it went out at 7PM. I tweeted and was texting with kuya the whole time before Sun went off.

It’s official we were stranded.

I just slept the whole night because I couldn’t do anything.

September 27, Sunday

I woke up quite early and saw that the water inside the house has just left the last 3 steps of the stairs before the first landing to reach the second floor. It just meant that the water almost got us.

The muddy water was so high, almost 8 FT in the living room and even higher in the kitchen and in the outside.

We found our stuff floating. The Narra dining table was found in the living room. Imagine! The fridge was tied by the window so it won’t bump any other things. The kitchen appliances and gadgets, bags, slippers, shoes, medicine stuff were also found floating.

The car was also floating outside our garage. Ate Belen and her husband swam back to their house and cooked us and their family breakfast. Thank God we still have something to eat. After breakfast, I just read a book (Nicholas Sparks’ Wedding) and fell asleep after a few chapters. At 9AM, I woke up and saw that the water has subsided a bit. Imagine the 13 layers of hallow blocks that our neighbor’s house was made of, it already subsided a block and a half. I fell asleep again. We were officially at news black out also because our batteries were already drained.

I woke up again at 12NN because of the helicopter flying around the area. It was so irritating because they were just flying around and not helping, so noisy also.

I saw our neighbors were in their rooftops shouting for help. They all thought they were helping. So, I just spent the day reading, taking pictures or sleeping. The helicopters started to give out food later in the afternoon, but they gave only a few houses some food. From the places that my sight can reach, they only gave out 2-3 white plastic bags to 4 houses. My mom tried opening her phone and was able to contact my aunt and told her to advise our other relatives about our situation and that we were safe. I also watched people even kids crying for help, crying for food- “Pagkain! pagkain! gutom na kami!“. I feel bad for them because we still have food that time. Ate Belen was also an angel to her side of neighbors because she was able to cook for them. Ilang families and houses din yun. It was more than what the government did to help the stranded people here. We had early dinner at 5PM and by that time another brick can be seen as well as the jeepney’s top.

After dinner, I just read the book and fell asleep. I woke up again after 2 hours and finished the book by the candle light. Hay, I couldn’t even do the business plan that I have to revise that stresses me everytime I think about it. By 10PM, I’m done with the book and about to sleep again.

But there was some noise that was coming from the outside. They were trying to get in my neighbor’s house. There’s no one there pa naman, they left and haven’t gone home even before the huge flood came. I flashed on my SLR’s light so that they could see that someone could see them. I just don’t know if they continued their dirty deed. They’re so evil. Even in calamities like this, they could still manage to
do that.

September 28, Monday

When I woke up, the water inside our house was gone. They just left mud in every corner of our house, as in PUTIK all over the house.

But the water haven’t subsided yet. Mom, Risse and I went out. We went to Rosario to buy sacks. We also went to ADB and ate breakfast and charged our celphones for a bit. Water subsided when we arrived home after 2 hrs. When we got home, all we did was clean the muds out our house.

It was hard to clean because the water from the faucet was not manageable. Auntie Yeng, Ate Pong and Nicole came and brought some food and water. As darkness went in, we already stopped working and took a bath and rested. Mom left during the night to buy some grocery and dinner. I woke up when she arrived to eat and then slept again. We still have no electricity.

September 29, Tuesday

After I ate breakfast, I went to Lola’s house to finish the orders. Luckily, I could manage that time without internet. It took me the whole afternoon to finish editing both the souvenirs and the invitations. Before I left the house, I was also able to scan old pictures from lola’s album. I went home. It took me more than an hour to reach my house instead of the supposedly 10 minute ride.

On my way to Lola’s that morning, when I passed by Ever Ortigas, I was shocked by the huge number of people in line for the relief goods. The whole parking lot was packed. Zigzagged and mazed. I don’t even know where the end was until I saw it on TV.

We went to Eastwood for dinner.

September 30, Wednesday

We went to ADB again because mommy has to do some errands. We went to Megamall for lunch. Finally, decent food at Java Man. I also had pictures printed at the same time, had the ordered invitations printed. We also watched Yaya & Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie after. It wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t that funny. But I love my friend, Roxanne’s exposure in the movie. We went to Galleria after because mommy had to buy some stuff for the house. Risse and I were left at Figaro and went online. I finally got to watch One Tree Hill. I also uploaded the pictures from the flood. Mommy left us there because she has to go home already. Quarter to 8, we finally went home. We rode a cab to Tiendesitas. Knowing the napakamaarteng cab drivers, they won’t bring us home that’s why we just decided to have them drop us there. Since it was really traffic, we also decided to just walk all the way from Tiendesitas to our house. LITERAL na LAKAD! It took us an hour. I doubt it we reach our house agad if we rode a jeepney. But we were so exhausted after that. I took a bath after I’ve rested. Electricity finally was fixed after 30 minutes. Then, we watched Nanny Mcphee because we don’t have cable yet. I slept afterwards.

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