To the best mom in the world!I love you!

We celebrated at Lola/Lolo’s house in Cainta. My aunts, cousins & nieces were there. I also accompanied mommy to Padre Pio. I’m gonna pray and ask for intercession from him from now on. Read on Padre Pio’s story. And can I just say, as babaw as what I asked for him to intercede for me, it made wonders, even just a bit. I swear I will not die without going to San Giovanni Rotondo where his body rested.

BTW, Tayong Dalawa finally ended. I’m happy Ramon didn’t die. But I’m sad because he’s blind. aww. But all good, interesting ending. Book 2 coming? I guess? Coz of the entry of 2 characters, just like MSKM’s. Same character pa. haha! So how does it happen? No more Audrey since she’s dead, just like Celine/Anne’s in MSKM? So magiging Tayong Tatlo na siya? Kasi Tatlo na silang David Garcia? haha!

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