Just Like We're Time Traveling

We were almost complete today except for Deo and Kix.
Well, almost- until Kix finally arrived to surprise the girls.
We watched Time Traveler’s Wife.

Just like the old times…
…we stroll around the mall
…we watch a movie
…we stop at the middle of the walkway just to chat
…take pictures
…we attended a soiree (well, it just looked like a soiree bec kix’s guy friends arrived)
…we tease each other

…eat and chat and chat and chat
…we laugh so hard until we cry
…we laugh the “eww” stuff, “green” stuff (c/o seska), etc
…we get kilig

Yeah, just like the old times minus our black and white checkered skirts and neckties.
we super missed the old times.
It felt so good to reminisce about good times, even the bad.
It felt so good to be together!

Let’s travel back through time..
Pretty Friends through the years

Highschool. Year 2000

Year 2001

Year 2002

Year 2003

Year 2004

College. Year 2004

Year 2005

Year 2006

Year 2007

Year 2008

Present. Out of School (except for me and Kix) Year 2009

August 2009

Did you see how we all changed?

The best times of my life happened with these girls.
No matter how awful my days were, just a mere thought of them, just a simple paramdam would definitely make my day.

They’re the type of friends that you’d imagine your future with – grannies walking hand in hand in the mall, falling in line for the latest Star Cinema flick, tea time at one’s garden with our apos playing, camwhoring til the batt’s drained.. hay! ❤

Our friendship is forever!

Distance and time difference doesn’t matter.
What matters is our love for each other. cheesy!

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