Forgive me Father for I have sinned..

Dejavu all the way with my favorite girl on primetime bida. Candice was so confused that she needed spiritual guidance so she goes to confession. Little did she know, the person inside the confession booth was her One Great Love -Marlon. haha! She told the “priest” about her sin which of course is about her love life.

Flashback to September 2007, Margaux needs to go to confession because it was a must for the church wedding of my friend in her province. My confused and lost self went to the priest and goes to confession. Before the session ended, I just blurted out, “Kasalanan po ba ang mag-mahal?

“Father” and Father said the same thing. “Hindi kasalanan sa Diyos ang magmahal, mas higit na kasalanan ang hindi magpakatotoo sa totoong nararamdaman.” This is Marlon’s line. Father on the other hand, let out a tiny smile because of my antic, said the same thing but he also said that “ang kasalanan ay yung makakasakit ka na ng kapwa.

Awww. See! I’m really Candice.. okay, I can be Claire too. Tss!

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