Such a Bookaholic

One of my addictions are books. I so love reading. It relaxes me. It changes my brings me to another dimention. It gives me full circle of emotions. Whenever I read a book, I put myself in the character’s shoes. I feel like I’m the character. Haha!

Everytime I enter a bookstore, most of the time I couldn’t help myself. I always have to buy a book. Just like today, when I bought my dinner at the nearby mall, I bought another book – Nicholas Sparks’ The Wedding.

From teen chic lits to business books to coffe table and biographies, name it – I have it (as long as I have interest on it ha?) See! I still have books that are still in it’s plastic because I haven’t opened it. Sobrang dami kong tambak ng books now that I haven’t read. Wish I could have all the time in the world to finish reading them all. One time, I went to Powerbooks and spent all my cash (I think P5,000) buying books! Yay! I really can spend all my money with books! Literally!

Since I don’t have time to read the book during the day, I just read a book before going to sleep, until I fell asleep. That’s why sometimes, I dream about the story of the book I’m reading, haha!

I really take care of my books. I rarely allow a friend to borrow a book. I got traumatized before. A friend borrowed my A Walk to Remember book and when she returned it to me, the pages have already fallen. It really broke my heart! Another instance was when someone borrowed my Five People You Meet in Heaven book, she didn’t return it. I really hated her for that! If you looks at some of my books now, it’s as if it hadn’t been opened – almost mint condition, even with bookmarks I’m choosy!

When I have time, I’m going to rearrange my mini library and have a list of my books so that I know when a book is lost. But right now, I’m logging off and going to continue to read even just a few chapters of the book I’m currently reading! Books are Love!


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