Fun things to do at THE BEACH, Boracay 2nd time around

Date: August 6-9, 2009
Stayed at Boracay De Paris Beach Resort

It`s Boracay, not Bora!

A Beach Bum talks about how she enjoyed her 4-day trip to the paradise.

1. Get drunk, around midnight, start running to the beach and magtampisaw. It’s better when your friends are around. I wasn’t drunk this time, I wasn’t skinny dipping this time, unlike last summer.
2. I don’t rinse myself, even if I’ve got lots of sand (okay, I rinse my feet sometimes) because I want to feel the salty feeling in my body. I want to feel the texture of the sand in my body. I think that, that is the essence of being in the beach, not by rinsing and rinsing yourself when you feel so malagkit or sandy.
3. Walk by the shore. I love walking by the shore, early morning, during sunset or sometimes at night. I love the sea breeze. I love the feeling when the water wash to my feet.
4. Take loads of care. Be careful with the strong currents. Someone died early morning of the 8th of August in Station 1.

5. Beware of Toots. What are Toots? They are prostitutes. A lot of them are scattered in the strip since there are a lot of foreigners especially this time of the year.

6. Look at what you are walking at. You might step on something disgusting like the one I stepped on – Icky Black Asphalt. Look at what you are placing your things too, there might be a chewed bubblegum. Ewww.
7. Face your fears, don’t hesitate to try out new things, the more adventurous the better – – helmet diving, flying fish, parasailing, skimboarding, zorb ball is the life! Imagine I was 15 ft under the sea and at least 30 ft across the skies! The best experience in my life! The ZORB!
8. I had fun buying cute stuff for me and my family and a few friends (: Cheap thrills!

9. Forget what’s in Manila. I was able to forget everything, what’s on my mind, until someone reminded me of what I tried forgot. Yay.

10. Enjoy the PLACE! ENJOY! Despite the fact that I was the 5th wheel and I’m always alone, I enjoyed the beach, I enjoyed the place. I enjoyed Island Life there.


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