Message in a Bottle

Even though I’m on vacation and having fun by the beach, I still managed to read a book. What can I do, 5th wheeler here. There are times that I’m alone, so I just read a book or go online.

Here’s an excerpt from Nicholas Spark’s Message in a Bottle

Deanna picked from the stack. “It’s true, though. Believe me. You’re pretty, you’re successful, you’re intelligent. I could find a dozen men who would love to go out with you.”
I’m sure you could. But that doesn’t mean that I would like them.

You’re not even giving it a chance.

Theresa shrugged. “Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean I’ll die alone in some boarding house for old maids later in life. Believe me, I’d love to fall in love again. I’d love to meet a wonderful guy and live happily ever after. I just can’t make it a priority right now. Kevin and work take all my time as it is.”

Deanna didn’t reply for a moment. She threw down a two of spades.

I think you’re scared.”
Absolutely. Not that there’s anything wrong with that .”
Why do you say that?
Because I know how much David hurt you, and I know I’d be frightened of the same thing happening again if it were me. It’s human nature. Once burned, twice shy, the old saying goes. There’s a lot of truth in that.”
There probably is. But I’m sure if the right man comes along, I’ll know it. I have faith.”

Theresa is the lead character in the story. She was the one who found the Message in the Bottle. I’ve yet to finish reading the story, but I certainly see myself in her. Other than the fact that I feel the same way about love like her, she is also a columnist like me (oops, I’m an Editor in Chief pala ako), I may not have a Kevin (her son) nor found a message in a bottle, but the moment that I was reading the book, my client texted me and told me that her invites for her daughter’s debut is a Message in a Bottle. How ironic right? hehe! I’m excited to make that for my client!

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