Us Girls Stint: Beauty Buzz – Tanning in 2009

Pakapalan na ng mukha. I wasn’t “bikini body” when this happened, because it was biglaan.

Taped in Acuatico Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas – March 27, 2009

Call time at 4:30am at ABS-CBN
Left Manila at 5:30am
Arrived Laiya at 8:30am

Thanks to Eka dear! Siya ang dahilan ng aking UsGirls stint. Shempre thanks to Kid and Kaye also who were very accomodating plus the kuyas/crew. I had fun with all the kwentos and all the jokes. Kid & Kaye thought I was bored na, they were always asking me if I’m okay. They didn’t know, I’m sanay na talaga with tapings.

They were able to tape the segment I am in late in the afternoon na. So, the whole time, while they were taping ate Iya’s spiels and the other segment with the chef, I was watching them, then I had to put on my bikini and had to have the tan na. So, I went to the beach na! Took pictures, sun bathed, and slept. haha. I fell asleep while listening to the waves. That’s the best part of this stint eh. I didn’t care if I had to wake up early and wait the whole afternoon, I literally enjoyed every single second of this whole stint. I just love the beach!

The Tips to get a perfect tan segment was aired April 5, 2009

Ps. This text was written 2009 for my album uploaded in multiply.

Moving forward, after this stint and quick visit to this resort, it immediately became my favorite. I believe I’m one of the first few people who were “first” to experience the place since there were still some construction when we went there.

Thanks to:
US Girls Crew
Eka Villanueva
Acuatico Resort (my fave resort from that blessed friday)
People are People for my shades
Freeway for my bikini and cover up
Folded and Hung for my flip flops

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