dearest my forever bff, forgive me!! (it’s from tam!)

I’ve been sitting here in my room since I woke up at 12 noon, trying to do my philo paper due on Tuesday. Can you believe it, I barely wrote 6 lines for the 12 hours I was in front of my laptop. I really don’t like this subject, but I have to finish it because I don’t want to repeat it. Anyway, I’m so stressed because of this paper and I don’t even know what to write about.

I’ve already given up and decided to sleep and just cram with everybody tomorrow. I check my mail for the last time and saw a 김담희 . Kunot noo pa ako, I thought it was a weird spam again. But then I saw the subject: dearest my forever bff, forgive me!!

I opened it. And such a short note made me smile oh so big ^______________________^

how are you darling? hope everything’s just fine with you.
first of all, forgive me for writing back to you so late!!T_T but ive been missing you like crazy!!
to make excuses, ive been really busy, in 3rd semester in grad school, preparing for GRE and stuffs.
i used to be online so often, but now i barely manage to go online!! this sucks!! haha.
its not like i study 24 hours, but its the mental burden!! i dont do works all the time but at the same time, i cant really hang out and have fun. T_T
well.. but hopefully this semester will only the time when im so tied up with works!
i remember you’ve been going through pretty harsh times? is everything ok now? hope im next to you so that i can listen to what makes you worry and try to help. being friends in long distance sucks but im still grateful that we are still in contact, being good friends, really.
im proud of you about how you’ve been through the hard times!! AJA AJA!!
haha. for me, i didnt have any fun news at all. march 14th, in korea, its called ‘white day’. guys give candies to girls.
i had an appointment with bunch of friends (though it was not a date, haha) but i got sick and couldnt make it.
sounds like my life sucks haha but im doing ok, plz dont worry! 🙂
im attaching a photo of me! lol
do i look different? probably not, but cant believe we havent met for like 3 years? 😥
MISS YOU & hope your day would be just great! 🙂
with much love,

Grabe! I’ve been wondering for months how she is doing. I’ve been sending her an email at least once in two or three months. I even cried to her in my email because of what happened last year. But then, I’m so sure that even if she wasn’t able to reply, she read everything. And I’m pretty sure that she misses me as well.

It really really made my day. Super! It made my dark night so bright. LOL. I’m so stressed because of this paper. At least receiving it made me so much better.

I missed her soooooooooo much! If there’s one other person aside from PF, Jen, Frap and Kuyay that I can talk to about anything, it’s her, yes despite of the language barrier. I don’t know how I manage to tell her everything in english when I’m more comfy im Tagalog especially when I want to pour all my emotions. LOL. I don’t even know how I manage to tell her everything even if I’m so drunk. LOL.

Anyway, imma sleep now. I just wanna share my happiness, oh i’ll just reply to her too before I sleep. Don’t worry my forever bff, imma visit you super soon!!!!! You’ll tour me around Seoul and bring me to Jeju!!!! mwa!

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