With A Smile

i’m back from my trip to cebu and bohol. i am still very very tired. and i don’t even know where i’d start my story. ooh! from my last entry, i said that i wasn’t allowed by my mom to sleep over at cathy’s place. but then, gretch and ces fetched me here so she also allowed me. we only slept for an hour or two, because obviously, we were very excited.
our big problem that night was that our suitcase won’t fit cathy’s car. good thing is that the boys loves us that’s why one of them, Mike, went to cathy’s place to get some of our stuff.

even though i was sick, i have colds, i tried my best to have a good time. we had a good flight under PAL. we headed to weesam express for our ferry ride from cebu to tagbilaran city. when we reached the area, we were asked to look after the delegates from China, Japan, HongKong, Korean, UAE, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Bangladesh and more. they were around a hundred and ten. we talked to them and made sure they were okay. we actually took care of their luggages.

we arrived Bohol Tropics Resort, the place that we considered our home for seven days, specifically Rm. 325. Where the eight of us, ces,me, gretch, cathy, jp, gene, kelvin and mike bonded as one family. that room actually had experienced the group’s happiness, sadness, anger and love.

just like what cathy said, “sama sama tayong dumating dito, sama sama din tayong aalis”
our first day wasn’t really good. we were like slaves of the OC’s that are senior to us. i was sick but still i worked. all they asked us to do, we did it, with our very best. still, we would hear things that they didn’t like. but still, we ignore it. there were crying moments. arguments. those things didn’t break us up, but give us more strength to whatever would happen to us. just like the song of Eraserheads,
“lift yer head, baby don’t be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way. you’ll get by with a smile you can’t win at everything but you can try and baby you don’t have to worry coz there ain’t no need to hurry no one ever said that there’s no easy way and when they’re closing all their doors and they don’t want you anymore this sounds funny but i’ll say it anyway girl, i’ll stay through the bad times even if i have to fetch you everyday i’ll get by if you smile you can never be too happy in this life coz in a world where everybody hates a happy ending story it’s a wonder love can make the world go round but don’t let it bring you down and turn your face into a frown you’ll get along with a little prayer and a song lift yer head baby don’t be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way we’ll get by with a smile now it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye” aww.. this song is our song.

being an OC is a really an experience. because to be a good leader you should also know how to serve other people. i swear, it is so hard to be an OC under the people who handles us. but then, when you get your job done, it’s really fulfilling.

just wanna share our group’s vocab. Relasyon — when we see two people together  We Bleed, We Die — it’s when we run out of english words because we were surrounded by more than a hundred foreign delegates. Kumusta naman? How about that? why not? chocnut! — wala lang pinahaba lang namin. and pina-Conyo. haha. BrUnchNer — breakfast lunch dinner and lastly, Brokebackmountain — no more cash.. we’re broke. hehe..

after a week of torture, running around the area, running errands outside, wake up calls, and etc. and the sleepless nights, stress and hunger except for the socials- at least even if we work for the socials, we’d enjoy it. the skolling, Pinoy night, karaoke night, safari hunt and the Ms. AP. at the seventh day, we left our ‘home’. we toured Bohol. fun. relaxing. we visited the blood compact monument, the 2nd oldest church- Baklayon church, Tarsiers, Luboc River where we feast with yummy food and sang and danced. and our last stop, at Panglao. even i’m not fit to swim, i still didn’t let opportunity pass. it is not always that i go to this place. so much for the beach bum. the day after, we went to hinagdanan cave and had our most unforgettable experience, jumping/diving from the top of the rock. we then went to cebu. went to the ayala mall to eat BrUnchNer and played at timezone. then, we went back to our hotel to fix up and then we went to Ratsky’s. that was actually our last night in cebu.
okay, back to reality. back to school for UCLES. back to my own ways. back to internet. back to my bedroom. i’ll definitely miss the mornings that i would wake up seeing them at my side. love you all. solid.


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