Super Señorita Grad Ball with My Bestfriends

Super Señorita, Seniors Batch 2004’s very very very last day to be together. The day after our graduation day was our graduation ball, which was held at the Mere Marie Anne De Tilly Convention Hall, Pre-school building at our school ground. Probably one of the last few moments when we can go to our school as a student. This batch will definitely be missed. We were the best batch ever. It was a great moment to reminisce the years that has gone that we were together – not only during our 4 years in high school, for some since pre-school and grade school. Celebrating our small and big wins together for since 1996 for me. Highschool has always been the best years of my life. This is were I met my bestfriends, whom I will forever cherish and love.

Sharing with you a few photos from that night. Missing Loraine, as she wasn’t able to come.SeniorGradBall2004 (4)SeniorGradBall2004 (2)SeniorGradBall2004 (5)

SeniorGradBall2004 (3)
with my Junior/Senior year classroom group – Karla, Hazel, Denise and Sofia
SeniorGradBall2004 (1)
This is me in my Karimadon tube top
SeniorGradBall2004 (1)
This is me in my Karimadon tube top

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