SPCP Senior Batch 2004 Graduation Day

Today, I finally graduated high school. I finally finished the years that will cultivate me for the future. I can’t believe that this has already happened. It is an accomplishment for me and for all of us. The biggest one yet. It has been a worth while and amazing journey spending all these years in this school, St. Paul College, Pasig. I will miss  going to school every single day. I will miss all the time I have to spend with my best friends. I will miss everything about high school and SPCP. 

Here are some snaps with my bestfriends forever. I realized we didn’t even have a complete group pic. Too late. Haha.
SeniorGrad2004 (4)SeniorGrad2004 (2)SeniorGrad2004 (3)SeniorGrad2004 (6)SeniorGrad2004 (8)SeniorGrad2004 (5)

Thank you to my mama who worked so hard for me since I was born. I hope I made you proud and I hope I will make you even prouder of me in the next chapter of my life.

It is a surreal feeling to be entering another chapter on my life in the next few months, when I still find it hard to let go of the life I have been accustomed to for a long time. I don’t know what the future will entail for me, I don’t know what I will be. I don’t know what will I become. I don’t know if I will be happy. I don’t know if I will succeed. I don’t even know what my dream is to be. I just know that I have to push my self to prepare and ready or not, I have to take the step forward. But I know I can make it. I hope.

Congratulations to all of us, St. Paul Pasig Seniors 2004!


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