Wandering In Rizal: Palpitate Coffee

Most days I start my day with coffee and like what most people say, coffee run in my veins! Well, we know how the amount of coffee we drink could make us palpitate, but we still drink coffee, either way! Such a nice name for the new minimalist coffee shop that we discovered right at the middle of Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal is Palpitate Coffee.
Palpitate Tanay 1
We arrived late in the afternoon, around 5 o’clock, coming from our short road trip to Tayabas, Quezon. We’re a family of 13 and we were out for the weekend to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was raining hard from where we went first, that we didn’t get to do anything there. My sister-in-law suggested that we go here to chill, as she has recently visited the place too. As we enter the premises, people were also going in and out – NON-STOP! I was really in awe because despite that their location is quite secluded, a lot of people are coming in. It was a Sunday, so it is expected that there will be a lot of people, but to think that it was also raining, there must be something with Palpitate that people really went out of their way to visit the place.
Palpitate Tanay 2
Palpitate Coffee, Tanay just opened in early December 2022. It has a total of 3 floors where people can enjoy the view while taking in a cup of coffee. The main floor (ground floor) is where the cashier, play ground and dining area is located. Towards the veranda, a view of greens can be seen. Second floor could cater more guests, either indoor setting and the veranda. I love how there’s no space that was wasted. In some narrow areas are acrylic bed tray tables and bean bags. Watching the guests sit there gives me a relaxing feeling.  The lower level has a few available seating area and is directly connected to the grass area, where probably, if it wasn’t raining kids could run around. The rest room is also located here. Too bad though, I wasn’t able to see any view, since it is over looking the Sierra Madre as it rained when we were there and the fog didn’t help as well. The view must be majestic! I also wonder if it could also be cold there. It was raining then, but we didn’t feel any cold breeze. Maybe since it is a few weeks before summer, that’s why the temperature didn’t even drop a bit. Has anybody went here and experience the cold? Please share!
Palpitate Tanay 3
The line to order food was long. It took us 30 minutes before we were able to order and another 30 minutes before the food was served. Was the wait worth it? Well, they were visually pleasing. Just look at the festival of colors from the different foods that we ordered from their menu. I must say – yes! The food was worth the visit and worth the wait. I’ve been craving for club house sandwich and it came with an interesting look to me. I wasn’t able to taste any of the pasta but my in laws loved them. We indulged on their truffle fries and even ordered two more servings. Coco had fish and chips and he was very Bri-ish at that moment. We enjoyed the drinks as well! They’re all so good that you’d want more.

Pasta, sandwich, salad and appetizer price ranges from Php220 to Php280. While the main dishes and breakfast price ranges from Php195 to Php330. Drinks like iced and hot espresso, teas, latte and chocolate and fruit-based drinks ranges from Php120 to Php180. Here’s some more photos of the food that I hope you enjoy viewing too!

Palpitate Tanay Club House Sandwich
Club House Sandwich
Palpitate Tanay Truffle Fries
Truffle Fries
Palpitate Tanay Mozarella Sticks
Mozarella Sticks
Palpitate Tanay Pasta Carbonara
Pasta Carbonara
Palpitate Tanay Pasta Bolognese
Pasta Bolognese
Palpitate Tanay Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Palpitate Tanay Pasta Alfredo
Pasta Alfredo
Palpitate Tanay Pasta Oglio Olio
Pasta Oglio Olio
Palpitate Tanay Nachos
Palpitate Tanay Creamy Seafood Pasta
Creamy Seafood Pasta
Palpitate Tanay 14
Drinks that we ordered – Iced and Hot Spanish Latte, Belgian Chocolat, Raspberry Citrus Tea, Matcha Latte, Hot and Iced Americano

Palpitate Coffee, Tanay is Kid-friendly and Pet-friendly. Though when it comes to the menu, it seems like they didn’t think of having kids as guests. Although the Truffle Fries, Nachos and Fish and Chips are kid-friendly, I think they could have added more that are easier for small children to eat, since these food has full of flavors. This goes with the drinks too. They have a lot of choices, but I think they can add more for the kids the enjoy. Coco loved their Belgian Chocolat though! They didn’t have soft drinks available.

So if you are looking for a coffee shot that offers indoor and al fresco dining with overlooking view and relaxing ambiance, Palpitate Coffee in Tanay is definitely the place to go. The place is really aesthetically pleasing in so many areas that one wouldn’t run out of photos for the ‘Gram. Speaking of Instagram, if you are using Globe for data, you won’t unfortunately be able to post real time as it has weak signal. Smart, though, have signal. They don’t have WIFI and I’m not quite sure if they’ll have one. It would be nice if they would but having no signal then gave us more time to chat with one another and not be engrossed with our mobiles. Any way, here are more photos from Palpitate Coffee in Tanay for you to enjoy!
Palpitate Tanay 12Palpitate Tanay 8Palpitate Tanay 7Palpitate Tanay 10Palpitate Tanay 11Palpitate Tanay 13Palpitate Tanay 6Palpitate Tanay 5Palpitate Tanay 4Palpitate Tanay 9
They only receive cash as payment. They don’t have credit card, GCash nor Maya and I’m not so sure if it’s for the moment or they’ll never really have one. It would be hard though if they’d have GCash or Maya and they don’t have WIFI and Globe data is weak. I’m not so sure what could be done here.
Palpitate Tanay 15
I’m really not so sure how to get there as we were having a convoy with my family. But you can check it’s Google Map for directions if you are going to drive as well. Click the Google Map Link here. But based on my research, you can go to Palpitate Coffee Tanay via riding a jeepney going to Cogeo Public Market if coming from Cubao. Then ride a jeepney again to Sampaloc Terminal and drop off at Cuyambay right in from of Pico De Pino. Ride a tricycle all the way to Palpitate Coffee. If coming from Starmall show, you can ride a jeepney that is bound to Tanay and look for Sampaloc Terminal. Palpitate Coffee has branches in Antipolo, Taytay, San Mateo, Clark and Quezon City(Batasan Hills).

Coffee Shop hours: 7:00AM to 9:00PM weekdays | 7:00AM to 10:00PM weekends
📍 916 Cuyambay Rd, Tanay, Rizal | 📞 0908 799 8786 | Facebook | Instagram


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