Hong Kong Tourist Visa Extension

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we were in Hong Kong for more than the time allowed for a tourist to stay, which is 14 days. We extended our trip for multiple reasons and I think it was worth it. It is the first time that we stayed that long in Hong Kong and I am not so sure if this would happen again in our lifetime.

Immigration Tower Hong Kong
Immigration Tower, Hong Kong

We went to the Immigration Tower, early in the morning with no appointment, weekday. We have 4 days left before our tourist visa expires. We were prepared with the form ID91, passport shows the current limit of stay in Hong Kong and our re-booked flight itinerary. My sister also provided her employment documents and her HKID. You may opt to bring a photo copy of your passports and IDs in case. We requested an extra 8 days. All of us where present during the request, including my 9-year old son.

Process: 1) The documents were assessed. 2) We were asked to go to the Immigration officer window. 3) We were asked a few questions regarding our stay. 4) We were asked to pay for our Visas. 5) After we paid, we went back to the Immigration window, then was asked to come back on a specific time (2 or 3 hours, I think). 6) We came back to the Immigration Window and got our Passports back with the printed our printed visas that we were allowed to stay in Hong Kong until the date of our re-booked flight.

Tourist Visa Extension Fee: HK$230 or Php1,679 | Payment mode is only cash or Octopus.

The applicant is required to present the following documents (original and copy) upon submission of the application:
1) Applicant’s travel document (and the previous travel document if it shows the current limit of stay); and 2) Evidence to support the need to prolong the stay in Hong Kong e.g. onward/return tickets; evidence showing adequate fund, etc.

Only eligible applicants may request for  tourist visa extension online via Immigration Department Website. Check the link for more information.

📍 5F 7 Gloucester Road, an Chai, Hong Kong
8:45 am-4:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
9:00 am-11:30 am (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


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