Connectix Tiles – The Aussie STEAM/Educational Toy Of The Year With Magnetic Charm

STEAM toys are curriculum-based products to help prepare children for the study
of science, technology, engineering and math, with the more recent inclusion of ‘A’
for the arts. And when two Perth based parents chatted at their school gates one afternoon, just over three years ago, the blend of brains accidentally created one of Australia’s most sought-after STEAM toys, championing how children learn through play. connectix tiles 1
Connetix Tiles are high quality magnetic tiles that allow children to construct 2D and 3D shapes, using their imagination and creativity to play and build. Offering hours of endless fun, Connetix also encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination, all through play.

Australian friends Brea and Dave may be new to the toy industry, but they have quickly gained success as a globally favored brand of magnetic tiles, now sold in fifty-nine countries around the world.  In the 2 years since launching, Connetix Tiles have garnered a cult following in Australia. They have amassed over 240,000 people on their social media and an active Facebook community of 12,000+ members which is ‘toy-tastic’ as so many want to be a part of the Connetix family.
These rather impressive social media feeds display an amazing array of customer
creations demonstrating the sheer imagination and creativity of children as young as three years of age.
connectix tiles 3
Brea, an early-childhood, and primary school teacher with a master’s in education
and Dave, a businessman with an entrepreneurial, finance and engineering
background, have fused together their expertise, creating toys that children want to play with. Brea’s education insight and Dave’s engineering experience has certainly come in handy as the duo take STEAM toys to the next level and introduce innovative designs.

Launching Connetix Tiles officially in June 2019 and operating during a pandemic
was no small feat, however, this Australian business was driven to help families
around the world experience and understand the importance of the connection of
play and learning. They strongly advocate for the value in the power of quality
open-ended toys to support children as they learn and develop.

Knowing first hand from seeing their own children play with magnetic tiles, Brea and Dave knew together they could improve what was on the market to create their own brand that would educate and inspire.

With two ranges – rainbow and pastel – currently available and a new clear range
launching this month, Connetix are available across Australia with over 300
retailers. It’s great to see a success story appear for two local Australians wanting to create a difference in the toy industry and bring to market a quality versatile toy for children of all ages to learn and play at the same time.
connectix tiles 2
Connetix has become a global phenomenon and not only this, were finalists for the
USA toy awards – the TOTY awards up against leading brands such as Lego,
were chosen as one of the Toy Association & Clamour Influencers’ Top Toy Picks
for Spring and Summer and were winners of the Australian Toy Awards, taking the
title of the best STEAM / Educational toy of the year.

And now they are encouraging YOU to dive into the world of Connetix, whereby encouraged to connect with play and learning for themselves.

For more information, you can visit their website and socials at Facebook and Instagram.

PS. All photos were taken from their Facebook Page.


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