24 Hour Mouth Defense with Listerine

No matter how religious we are in taking care of our teeth, brushing alone isn’t enough to help protect our mouth from mouth germs that can cause plaque, bad breath and gingivitis. But did you know that 24-Hour Protection from mouth germs is really possible if we rinse twice a day with Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash!
Listerine Total Care Zero is the one with the most complete protection formula. It kills 99.9% of germs with its less intense taste. It helps protect your mouth from mouth germs with regular use versus brushing alone. Brushing alone just cleans 25% of your mouth, but adding Listerine to your regimen will help reduce 6x more plaque, help keep gums healthy, strengthen teeth and help prevent cavities.
Listerine has 4 essential oils – Thymol to prevent gum disease, Eucalyptol which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, Methyl Salicylate for lasting freshness and Menthol for germ-kill. It contains fluoride to strengthen enamel and give protection to cavities and has zero alcohol in it.

Listerine is professionally endorsed and recommended by the Philippine Dental Association. It is backed by over 100 years of science and 12,000+ published studies. It is not only the Global and Philippine Number 1 mouthwash, but also the Number 1 mouthwash known for Germ-kill.
Protect your mouth NOW with Listerine 24-Hr Mouth Defense! Get 30% off in Shopee/Lazada, when you purchase Listerine products! Just use the code JOHNxLIST and avail our exclusive discount until  March 31, 2022. Log on to https://shp.ee/ut7aa73 for J&J Shopee and https://bit.ly/ListerineJohnXList for J&J Lazada


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  1. I also use the same! Since I was Elementary, my parent also made me used to doing mouthwash with Listerine. Trusted brand ever since and saved me many times whenever I am on a date. Hihi.


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