Car Doctor and The Food Hive – A One Stop Destination

One of the things you have to remember when owning a vehicle is to have a trusted auto repair shop that would give you an affordable but premium service. Car Doctor, a product of the love for cars, is the perfect auto care shop for you to check on. It is a pandemic baby which opened its first branch at Visayas Avenue in Quezon City. Car Doctor is not a CASA but a CASA Alternative with CASA equipment and expertise that is more economical.
Car Doctor boasts of the most modern technology in the auto care industry specializing in lubrication, wheel alignment, underchassis, EGR cleaning, and car maintenance like (no baklas dashboard) aircon cleaning, break cleaning, oil change and rotor disc resurfacing. Car Doctor has 6 bays available – 2 for lubrication, 2 for underchassis and wheel alignment and 2 for mechanical works.
Since car maintenance takes time, Car Doctor wants to make their customers comfortable at all times. They have a lounge specifically made for their customers to relax while waiting. They can also order food from The Food Hive as they wait. Customers can also view their vehicle’s maintenance progress via the 6-screened TV available. Due to its in demand service and taking pride in the best customer experience, they have opened Car Doctor Mindanao Ave. a year after.
Great deals and bargains are available for Car Doctor exclusive VIP members. The Car Doctor VIP Card is available for FREE when you avail the fully synthetic change oil service or any mechanical works worth Php5000. Each card has a QR code, when scanned you will be able to see the Car Doctor Portal where the available promos and discounts are listed which you can avail on your next service.

In addition to the excellent customer experience that Car Doctor offers, a series of restaurants that are also available in the Visayas Ave branch, collectively called The Food Hive.
D’ Master Chaolong Haus
Bringing in Palawan vibes and Vietnamese taste to the Filipino market, D’ Master Chaolong Haus decided to open its first branch in 2016, after they perfected their own chao long. In Vietnamese Cuisine, “chao long” refers to congee-style soup flavored with congealed blood cubes, liver and other internal organs of a pig. Palawan chao long, on the other hand, is more likely equivalent to Vietnamese Pho with flat rice noodles, tender slices of meat, delicately-flavored broth, and a side plate of fresh herbs and sprouts to supplement the dish.
Pork Buto-buto with Beef stew (Php139) is their best seller. Add a slice or two of their super yummy cheese & garlic French bread and you are all set.

Good to know – every dish is made to order and their noodles is hand-kneaded, cut and cooked everyday to ensure the quality and freshness of every bowl served providing customers with the freshest, most delicious and authentic Chaolong experience possible.

If you want authentic Malaysian laksa and Beef Rendang, Limapulo is the place to be. It is best known for its Nyonya Laksa (Php199) but people also love its Nasi Lemak Meals highlighted by Beef Rendang, Curry Chicken, Baba Chicken, etc. I also loved their Nyonya Balls (Php80) served with Laksa soup. It’s authentic Malaysian flavors are kept whole and definitely took us to Kuala Lumpur in a bite!

LIMAPULO1For group dates or intimate celebrations, you may check out their Nyonya Nasi Lemak Set (3-4 pax) and Baba Nasi Lemak Set (5-6 pax). It has Beef Rendang, Baba Chicken, PongTeh Pork plus rice for the Nyonya set and it is the same for the Baba set plus Curry Chicken and Baba Crispy Pork.

Humba Boy
Tagged as “Ang Pares ng Visayas”, Humba is a well-loved Visayang delicacy in Cebu. It has a sweet and savory pork or chicken dish cooked in soy sauce, vinegar and softdrink of choice. Humba commonly has banana flower, tausi beans and star anise. Pineapple chunks and peanuts can also be added. Humbo is an ode to Cebu, out of the fondness of the owner for a good old Bisaya Humba.
Available anytime of the day, Humba Boy can serve you Pork Humba (Php159) and Tapsilog (Php149) that you can enjoy. Also available are Tocilog (Php139), Cebu Longsilog (Php139). Cebu Liempo Meal (Php149) and Cebu Liempo Slab (Php399) are seasoned, marinated and cooked like the famous Cebu Lechon. Taste its distinctive herbs and spices as you enjoy the soft and tasty taba and its delectable and aromatic laman. Literally, amoy pa lang, ulam na!
This is the Putok-batok platter (Php849) is an all-time favorite comfort food, especially good with beer and of course, for sharing. *wink* It has the house specialty Bisaya Pork Humba, Cebu Liempo, Chicharon Bulaklak, Crispy-fried Chicken skin and a big chunk of Bone Marrow. Eat at your own risk, they say!

Tea101 Milk Tea
How about enjoying the rich flavors of Taiwan’s No. 1, Tea101 Bubble Tea? It comes in a variety of fresh, classic and bold signature blended drinks that will definitely satisfy one’s craving, whether you want it creamy, fruity or chocolatey, you came to the right place! Grab your skycraper drink at Tea101 now! Mine is Strawberry Cream Cheese and I have never tasted cream cheese on a milk tea this delicious!!! Craving for more!
Tea1011Great time, Great Friends
It is of the first few gatherings I had since the pandemic started. I am so happy to see my closest friends in the industry again, plus meeting new ones too! Here are some photos of us that are worth sharing and worth a space on my page. Thank you so much for hosting this get together, Car Doctor and The Food Hive Team! Sir Reymont (in red, without cap) is the



From L to R: Mhegs (MhegsAndFam), Roni (GlamYen/EatsRoni), Maite (MommyGives), Chef Luigi (RecifreePH), Anna (Anna_Loraine_09/Scarlett_Astrid_), Me and Herl (HungryHerl) – – Included in our other photos, Chrizelle (ChrizelleliciousChryzh)

You may visit Car Doctor at these addresses:
Car Doctor Visayas Ave.
80 Visayas Ave., Barangay Vasra, Quezon City
8-929-1111 or 0917-304-1111
Car Doctor Mindanao Ave.
83-B Mindanao Ave., Barangay Pag-Asa, Quezon City
8-252-1111 or 0917-795-1111

You may also follow their socials at:
Car Doctor and The Food Hive Facebook | Instagram
D’ Master Chaolong Haus Facebook | Instagram
LIMAPULO Facebook | Instagram
Humba Boy Facebook | Instagram
Tea 101 Facebook


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