Tips to Keep your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Are you a victim of musty and damp clothes even if you are washing them with the best of the bestest laundry detergent and even your fabric conditioner couldn’t help? Sometimes I wonder even though I believed I washed our clothes and linens properly, when I pull it out from our closet, it would actually give an odd smell and it bothers me a lot. I know you will too, especially if you are heading out.

Are you dying to get rid of this of this situation? Well, I do. So here I am sharing with you things that I discovered that would help us in keeping our clothes smelling fresh.
Use of Air Freshener or Deodorizer
Gone are the days of the moth balls. There are a lot of other ways that you can freshen your closet. More products were made through the years that would help eliminate odor. Some of what you can put inside your closet are fragrant beads, potpourri, bar soap, essential oils, herbs, activated charcoal, baking soda and even coffee grounds. Also make sure to deodorize your homes, especially when you cook something with a strong smell, as the bad smell may stick to our clothes.

Laundry Routine
Hang your clothes dry as soon as they are finish washing. Don’t just leave them inside the washing machine as odd odor may start to occur. I’m so guilty as charged here. I have a habit of washing the laundry while I am still working at night and just leaving it all night long until I find time to hang them dry in the morning. Don’t mixed wet garments to the dry ones in the laundry basket, especially if you aren’t due to do the laundry in the next few days. We already know how it will end up. Don’t overload your washing machine tub, as it would keep the clothes from getting washed properly. Split it up so that your laundry detergent and fabcon will work on your garments properly. Make sure that your clothes are really dry before putting them inside the closet or else.

Power of Nature
Dry your clothes under the sun as it is the best option ever. Nothing beats the power of the sun. Not only does it dry it properly and fast, the ultraviolet rays from the sun kills germs that are still in your clothes. But always make sure to check on the weather. I’m always a victim of a sunny day-laundry day-turned-hanging dry-rainy day, which is quite a hassle for me as I have to go up to the roof top to save my supposed clean laundry from the rain.

Invest on a Good Washing Machine
Depending on your needs and of course, your budget you should know what among the main features of a washing machine are a non-negotiable to you when you buy a washing machine. Semi-automatic or automatic? Front load or top load? One of the things you have to look for when buying one is the type of washing machine that can be the most economical in the long run. Investing a good one will definitely help in keeping our clothes smell fresh, simply because of it helps us wash our garments faster and better, especially if you have your own dryer. Aside from that, we all know how a washing machine could also help lessen the time we spend on doing the laundry. In short, we can multi-task. Don’t forget to regularly clean your washing machine to help us achieve the freshness that our garments deserve to have.

Whether our clothes smells fresh or stale could easily affect our mood for the day and having the latter gives us no one to blame but ourselves. We should try our very best to make sure that we have washed our garments properly so that it doesn’t give us the smell we don’t deserve. Yes, time is at the essence. We can’t waste our time re-washing everything because it doesn’t smell good. It is simply tiring and wasteful. Having to do things the right way can give us more time to do other important things on our to-do list and most importantly, time for ourselves to rest and have our much needed me-time. Remember having clean and fresh clothes clothes will help us achieve in living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t only boosts our mood, but it also improves our personality.

PS. Didn’t realize how doing the laundry can actually help in promoting a healthy lifestyle. So with that said, Remember – properly washed clothes make us feel good all day! You now know what to do!



  1. Aside from using a good laundry detergent, and fabric softener, having our clothes dried well after washing is the most important. Lalo na kapag tag-ulan, mahirap magpatuyo ng damit.


  2. I miss those days where I can dry my laundry under the sun. Here in Korea, you can do that anymore since I live in the city. The city’s air is a bit polluted, yellow and fine dust are everywhere which is not good for our health so I’m investing in a good washing machine this time.


  3. I really miss those days where I can dry my laundry under the sun. It’s more cleaner and smells good. Here in Korea, I can’t put it outside because there is fine and yellow dust which is not good for the body. That’s why I’, investing in a good washing machine this time.


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