From Good Moms to another, you deserve a Mrs. Goodman

A good mom has bad days, great days, normal days, overwhelming days, trying days, and supermom days and that is okay. What is not okay is if you don’t give yourself a much deserved #MomBreak. For my me-time, I indulge myself to my new favorites, Mrs. Goodman Chunkee Chewy and Mrs. Goodman Choco Oatmeal Cookie!MrsGoodMan-01
For my me-time, it is binge-watching my favorite show, drinking my favorite latte and of course, good food relaxes me on a tough day. Here I am munching on a deliciously delectable Mrs. Goodman Choco Oatmeal Cookie. It is a crispy oatmeal cookie drizzled with chocolate on one side and coated on the other. Comes with one large cookie per individual pack. Walang halong biro, with its rich chocolatey flavor, goodness in every bite talaga. MrsGoodManOatmeal2-02
Mrs. Goodman can also be a perfect snack when we travel. On one of our much awaited road trip, I brought a couple of packs for me and for my family to enjoy. While the boys were bonding, I had a chance to sit back, relax and grabbed a book that I’ve been meaning to read for sometime now. Of course, I enjoyed a pack or two of my new favorite, Mrs. Goodman Chunkee Chewy. It is a soft and chewy chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks. 
Looks like I have found my new favorite snack buddy. Delicious and delectable. Chewy and chocolatey. Kaya mommies, once in a blue moon lang ang mga opportunities natin to have a Mombreak, that’s why make the most out of it and have a well-deserved indulgent snack made by Good Moms, #fortheGoodMoms.
#FromGoodMoms to another, you deserve a #MrsGoodman.

Shop it now via Shopee and Lazada for Mrs. Goodman Choco Oatmeal Cookie and Shopee and Lazada for Mrs. Goodman Chunkee Chewy.


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