How to Dress Up your Bare Wall with Photo Wall Sweden

Give your bare walls a make over in just a click or two. I recently re-painted our walls to make it seem brighter, as we lacked lighting inside our small space. But I felt like there is something missing. I knew I had to put up something on it. I just don’t know if I would prefer to be minimalist or I would go all in.

Consider your home situation. If you are renting like me, drilling up our walls may not be the best idea. You have to resort to something that can be hanged up by heavy duty double sided tape or use something that can easily be re-painted afterwards. I opted for the minimalist style. I don’t want lots of frills. I want something that is easy to assemble and easy to clean.
As you can see, I put up a huge canvas on my bare wall. I chose to put up a big one because I don’t want the hassle of cleaning frames one by one. What if the mounts lost its stickiness all together? If I may share, I didn’t drill our wall to mount this canvas. I only used 3M Command Hanging Strips ( and Scotch Mount ( on this. But please do note that I vouch for these brands as I’ve been using them for years already, they don’t easily lose its stickiness. Choosing one big canvas gives me a cleaner and a more minimalist look.

I got this canvas from Photo Wall Sweden. Photo Wall Sweden makes top-quality wall décor that gives rooms a brand new look and feel. They have wall murals, designer wallpaper, canvas prints and posters. Choose from thousands of designs from their entire range or create with your own designs.
The city of dazzling lights, its fast-paced living, the independence that one could feel, I came to love New York City the first time I met her. I know Coco did too, because years after that, he still speaks of it every single time. This pandemic has deprived us of going “home” to a place we never knew but is very familiar to our hearts. A concrete jungle where dreams are made, we can only hope for our return to the place where we ought to be.

My newly repainted wall deserves a treat. I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it at Photowall. I knew this should hang on my wall. Looking at it lifts my spirit, and it reminds me of all the beautiful things that Coco and I loved about it. An Ode to the City that Never Sleeps. So that we will always remember, until we meet again, #NYC!

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