Boba Girl, A Sip of Art

Rare moments that I get to go out so I always make sure to try new things or just do things that make me happy. Today, all I needed aside from a quick hang with my girls friends is a cup of milk tea.
BobaGirl is the newest milk tea in town and it is not just your ordinary milk tea! It is a SIP OF ART! They’ve made their drinks artistically tasteful and all you can do is crave for more. Each of their drinks were named after different renaissance painters and terms related to art itself. Here I am with my MONOCHROME, which is a house-made winter melon milk tea with charcoal cream and milk.
We also tried REDBRANT, which is made of signature black tea, vanilla, red velvet extract and red velvet whipped cream. JELLI BOTTICELLI is the other one for those who want a taste of coffee, which is made of cold brew coffee, coffee jelly, caramel syrup, milk and caramel whip cream. They have 14 more flavors that you can try and enjoy. When they created these flavors they used the technique of mixology, which is widely known in night time industries like the bars and night clubs. They thought of utilizing it as well to day time industries like a milk tea shop. They combined different ingredients and try to make something fresh.
Grab a piece of donut or two of BobaGirl’s donuts. Appreciate the art in every bite of this Eye doughnut by the concept of one of the featured artists, Quatro’s masterpiece, Cuando Mi So. Indulge with their other artsy donuts plus some sweet cakes that is also available at their store.
Boba Girl also houses a mini gallery that promotes local artistry, mostly of the Filipino Youth. They want to be a platform for our local artists to be seen and heard by not just the art enthusiasts but be appreciated by everyone. Catch Tyang and Quatro of Vinyl on Vinyl as they showcase their extraordinary artworks in BobaGirl Store until the end of November, 2021. Their art is also up for sale.
It is also nice to know that once the mini gallery opens to another artist, everything will be of clean slate from the exteriors to the menu. It is such an innovation to the milk tea industry. We know how dense the market is already and they don’t want their market to get bored. So you better try all their flavors before they’re gone. I hope though they don’t take out the best sellers.
Price range which is around 160-ish is kind of leaning to high compare to the common ones. But I think it is not really the drink that you pay for here, it is the art in it and the satisfaction you get when your craving is served.
Head over to #BobaGirlPH and find your heART or order now, via Grab Food. BobaGirl is located at the 5/F of The Podium Mall. This is a grab and go store. And yes, there’s no other place like BobaGirl!

Follow their socials at Instagram | Facebook for more info and events updates.


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