Usapang TANGhalian

Sa dami ng perwisyo na dinulot ng pandemic na ito sa life natin, isa lang ang thankful ako, and I’m sure all parents will agree with me, nagkaron ako ng more time to spend with Coco. Not that I didn’t have time with him, as I’ve always been around. But because we’re just at home and trying to live a #NewNormal life, I have to find ways to help ease his boredom, like preparing activities for him to enjoy and shempre, makipag kwentuhan with him.

While having lunch, I tried starting little conversations with Coco. I used the TANG Usapang TANGhalian filter to make it more fun. I learned a lot from this – from what super power he wants to give me (speed, so I can cook his lunch faster), who is funnier from his dada and me, the food that he would eat for lunch forever (egg, that can turn into chicken) and of course, the one that touched me the most was his most momerable moment.
Tang2Indeed, even if it’s just simple questions via the Tang’s #UsapangTANGhalian filter, I got to know his heart more. Try niyo din, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll hear from your kids! Here’s the filter: Instagram: / Facebook: for easier access! Don’t forget to tag @TangPhilippines and use #UsapangTANGhalian

Click niyo din ang #MarsClubXTangPH to listen more heartwarming tidbits from other kiddos.


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