MagBANGONG Buhay sa Downy Kontra Kulob

Time flew by so fast, and sadly, it can’t be summer forever. The rainy season is here again and it has given us rainy afternoons, making it hard for us to dry our clothes properly. These are the days when I had to hang our clothes inside because of the rain. But you know what, I don’t have any problems with that because every time this season comes, I stock on my trusty Downy Kontra Kulob to save my laundry from amoy kulob. Good thing I tried using this two years ago, and has trusted it with our clothes during the rainy season every since.
DownyKontraKulob2021 (1)
Downy Kontra Kulob has Triple Protection from musty smell, moldy smell, and bacteria that is why it is perfect for all laundry loads. Before, I only use Downy Kontra Kulob on our clothes. Now? all loads na! I use it with everything – jeans, towels, bedsheets, comforters, curtains and all other linens we have here at home. That is why, kahit na rainy season is here, I’m not worried na mag-aamoy kulob ang clothes namin at sigurado akong mabango pa din ito, kahit ano pang fabric nito – makapal, manipis, jeans, towel, knitted, and the like.DownyKontraKulob2021 (1)
Dahil sa Downy Kontra Kulob, I can enjoy the comfort of my bed longer at masusulit ko ang bed weather dahil confident akong I don’t need to redo any laundry due to kulob! Tara mommies at sabay sabay tayo MagBANGONG Buhay, lahat ng labada, I-Downy Kontra Kulob na!DownyKontraKulob2021 (2)
Stock up your Downy Kontra Kulob via Shopee (Click here) and of course, it is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.



  1. Downy Kontra Kulob has saved me tons of time the past few days. We all know its been raining non stop lately and my major problem was “papano matutuyo ung mga sinampay ko?!” with this downy, laba lang ng laba kasi kahit walang araw d sya mag amoy kulob


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