Let’s Do the Vitamilk Grow Strong Challenge

Coco never had Science classes because of the current K-12 curriculum, that is why when I enrolled him to a Science enrichment class, he enjoyed it so much as it is new to him. Aside from the home experiments that he did, he enjoyed learning about animals the most. I challenged him today by giving me examples of mammals, which he answered confidently. Sisiw ang Vitamilk Grow Strong Challenge ko for him today.
Kids these days are more exposed to a bigger world out there, what with their exposure to the Internet, especially now that they are having their classes online. Because of  that, I also needed to level up my parenting to make sure that I always have time  for him and I find more creative bonding activities so that  he would continuously #GrowStrongFromBrainToBody.
The best way to do that is by having the right partner that can help with our kids’ development, like what I have with Vitamilk and its #FillsGood formula, packed with B-vitamins – B1 that promotes a healthy digestive system and B1 which is involved in energy metabolism, Plant Protein for strength, is useful for muscle development and supporting the immune system, Calcium and Phosphorus, which strengthens bones and teeth, Folate, which helps to produce red blood cells, Biotin, which helps getting metabolism up to normal function level and Omega 3, 6, 9 for brain development. Vitamilk is all natural, which gives us a deliciously yummy taste and flavor.

Our day to day activities are more enjoyable as we share a pack or two of Vitamilk, that I also enjoy drinking as much as Coco does. Excited with that challenge we will do tomorrow!

Join us and take on Vitamilk’s Grow Strong Challenge too! Simply check out the last image and pause the GIF to see which challenge you can dare your kids to do. Share them with us by simply tagging @vitamilkphilippines with the hashtags #GrowStrongFromBrainToBody #FillsGood

Stock up your Vitamilk via Shopee (Click here) or check it out in any supermarket nationwide.

PS. Yes this is a sponsored post but of all sponsored post, this is the happiest one yet. Because this is Coco’s current favorite drink! I’m happy to be collaborating with a brand that we really really like.


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