Fun time is Dowee Donut Time!

Money can’t buy happiness but we can always buy a pack of DOOWEE DONUTS and I think that is the same thing. Right? That is why a pack of Doowee Donut definitely made Coco’s play time more fun! Definitely #FunTimeDoweeTime every single day!
Dowee Donut Classic is the first and only affordable packaged donut in the Philippines. It means that your kid can grab a pack or three of their favorite donut anytime he wants! Available in 3 delicious flavors of Chocolate, Strawberry and White Chocolate!
Dowee Donut is perfect for pantry stocking as it has a longer shelf life of 4 months. It comes in a easy to tear packaging which makes it easy to open that you can use to hold it, which is more hygienic. Eat your favorite Doowee Donut while it is still inside its packaging, instead of using bare hands. Just what Coco did here.
DONUT forget that this June is Donut Month and you can get a chance to win exciting prizes by joining the Dowee Donut vlog contest by featuring the fun moments of your kid with Dowee Donut.

Follow @doweedonut in Facebook for more info! Dowee Donut is available in all leading supermarkets as well as Shopee – BUY IT HERE



  1. Dowee Donut is also a staple for me whenever I buy bring home treats from grocery for my nieces and nephews. I always buy all of the three flavors for them to enjoy all. What I like too is its soft and moist core.


  2. I saw this at the grocery today!! I wasn’t sure if i should buy it so I skipped it muna. Now that I see it here, I’ll consider getting it next time.


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