What a Perfect COMBInation!

Our days are filled with modules to finish that is why I just don’t allot time for Coco to play, but I also make time to play with him. Madali na mabored itong age na ito, kailangan ng matinding libangan, especially now, masyado na nasanay sa gadgets since they need it for online schooling. Kaya on days na hindi sya pwede mag-gadget, aba ibang klaseng boredom naman ang announcement sakin ni Coco. I encourage him to be creative with his toys at okay lang mag COMBIne ng two different toys pagnaglalaro, tulad today, we made the City of CocoVille with his tracks and blocks!
Parang yung isa sa favorite snacks ni Coco which is Combi! Meron ng crackers, wafer at filling, indeed a #greatCOMBInation! Aside sa favorite nating Combi Triple Choco, meron na din ngayong #CombiFunSize in strawberries n’ cream and condensada flavor, Php3.00 lang ito! Kaya sulit na sulit sa sarap at sa fun!combi3CRACKER + WAFER + FILLING = COMBI 🥰 The fun equation na love ng young ones at young at heart! Now you can enjoy 3-in-1 sweet sarap with Combi and build your own small fun world now, and remember #FUNisintheSIZE!combi4combi1
Combi is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. You can also order it via Rebisco Shopee Mall – Add to cart it HERE: Triple Choco / Condensada / Strawberries n cream or Lazada https://bit.ly/2Wc78k1


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