Snack Hanselly Ever After with the NEW Hansel Milk Strawberry Sandwich

As a child, I grew up with the love of reading and telling stories as well, aside from that eating everyone’s favorite Hansel Sandwich. Hansel has been telling us stories which impart good values through The Hanchies – Holdo, Audi, Nummy, Sniffy, Eyra and Looter.

Samahan niyo kami mga mommies, daddies and kids at dugtungan natin ang story ng mga Hanchies and #MakeEverydayMagical with Hansel Milky Strawberry Sandwich. Ito ang version ni Coco.

Here’s how to join the  Snack Hanselly Ever After contest:
🍓 Sa loob ng 1 minute, dugtungan ninyo ang linyang “Isang araw, biglang umulan ng strawberries sa loob ng aming bahay…”
🍓 Use Hansel Milky Strawberry Sandwich in your video.
🍓 Isama ang Hanchies of the month na si Holdo, pwwde din ang buong tropa.
🍓 End the story with “And they loved Hanselly ever afte!”
🍓 Post your video in your Facebook account with the tag #SnackHansellyEverAfter. Public post dapat ha
🍓 Like Hansel Sandwich’s FB Page
🍓 And lastly, comment your post link here:
HanselStrawberry (1)
But you know, while finishing Coco’s school project, we couldn’t help but eat our newest favorite snack, Hansel Milky Strawberry Sandwich 🍓. Grabe kasi, its strawberry aroma 🍓 is so inviting, while its crunchy soft, sweet cream filled flavor ay shempre sing sarap ng nakasanayan nating Hansel Sandwich that brings back sweet memories of childhood. Talaga namang napa #SnackHansellyEverAfter kami!HanselStrawberry (4)
Watch the Hanchies series here: and get to know all about our favorite Hanchies! HanselStrawberry (1)
Hansel Milk Strawberry Sandwich is available all leading supermarkets nationwide, as well as Rebisco Shopee shop: CLICK HERE


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