The Power Of Johnson’s Cotton Touch

The power of our touch has great benefits for our babies. As we all know, our new born babies doesn’t know how to communicate yet and it is our touch that calms them when they are not feeling good. It is also important to their growth and development. They also feel safe and secured when they are being held. Our gentle touch can also help with boosting our baby’s immunity, strengthening their new born body and it improves the baby’s mind and senses. It goes to show that it is also a form of bonding between mom and baby. That is why, from the moment the baby is born, make any form of touch be a habit for you and your baby – hugging them, carrying them in whatever way, especially with a kangaroo hug, bathing them, massaging them. When they are a bit bigger, you can hold their hand, give them cuddles, wrapping your arm around their shoulder, squeezing their arm, dantay when you are resting or sleeping.
johnsons cottontouch2

That is why, from the moment Coco is born, I always make him my love and protection through my touch, until at this age, he still needs and wants my touch. Ganun ka iba yung closeness namin, that’s how powerful touch is. He was a happy baby, a joyful toddler and totally my sonshine as a “big kid” now because he knows he is secured and loved and that knows that I’m always here for him – then and now. You know how boys can be shy with being touchy, but it isn’t a problem with Coco, he yearns for it. I wonder though, until when? 
johnsons cottontouch1

Your touch moments will be even made better with Johnson’s Cotton touch top-to-toe wash and lotion. It is safe and gentle for your baby’s sensitive skin which makes it the best product for new born babies and it is highly recommended by experts and trusted by moms. Run a warm bath with a wash that has an enjoyable and light scent, Johnson’s Cotton touch top-to-toe wash. It has a velvety lather that rinses off easily, making bath time easy to enjoy. Follow with a soothing massage using the Jonson’s Cotton touch lotion, which is fast absorbing and keeps baby’s skin moisturized.

Even big babies like Kuya Coco loves the #PowerOfCottonTouch, and of course gentle hugs! He may already be 8 years old, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take care of his skin. It has always been my priority from the moment that he was born. I’d definitely look forward to the next moment you get to cuddle with you child. Remember, #YourTouchProtects even for your big babies!

Buy the way, you can add to cart your Johnson’s Baby Cotton touch wash and lotions via Shopee – Buy Wash / Buy Lotion




  1. We all love Johnson’s Baby Cotton. And you`re right about showing our love through touch, body language like hugging and kissing them as young as they are.


  2. Honestly, wala pa akong anak pero alam ko na ang products talaga ng Johnsons ay proven at tested na good para sa benefits ng babies. At walang makakatalo sa pagmamahal ng nanay sa kanilang mga anak. Just like my mom.


  3. childhood! Actually I use J&J as everyday cologne, nakakafresh kasi talaga. Very light lang ang amoy.


  4. I saw this before kay Kylie padilla, it seems really good! I’ll list it for potential gift packs sa Christmas for my cousins. 🙂


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