Be Cecon Strong this Cecon Vitamin C Day

Imagine that, studying and working at home has been part of our routine for the last year that we are in this pandemic and who knows until when we will be like this. Dada still goes to his office every day, while I on the other hand, have double roles to play as I am also a teacher and a mommy. You don’t know how exhausted I get the whole day and after Coco’s modular classes, we play to relax us a little.

But you know, I am assured that we won’t get sick. Why? Part of our daily routine is to take vitamins, yes, all of us because it is not enough that only one of us takes it, all of us should be protected everyday. We take Cecon Vitamins – yep, even for Coco as Cecon has Cecon Junior – to boost our immunity, it gives us the energy that we need and definitely a piece that can completely protect us.

This #CeconVitaminCDay, we are reminded how it is important to give yourself and your whole family the armor of protection that we need daily, especially in this season of our lives.

This is why we choose to #BeCeconStrong, not just today, but in all days. Take your Cecon now and #BeCeconStrong like us!

Cecon, Cecon Plus and Cecon Junior is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. You can all add them to your Shopee cart now – Click these links – Cecon, Cecon Plus, Cecon Junior.


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