How can We #ProtectTheJoyOfPlay with Johnson’s Active Kids?

I’ve always been an advocate of active play.. of learning through playing. I’m all for anything playtime.. especially during this period of our lives when it feels like we are prisoners inside our homes. It’s been driving me crazy.. what more to a child who doesn’t really understand it all.
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Almost 5 months into his modular classes, we are still having a hard time waking him up in the morning. No matter how early or how late he sleeps at night. I guess, he doesn’t look forward to answering 6 modules a day with 2 hours of text based classes. Part of it, I think, is because he has been too accustomed to playing all day, from the moment he wakes up to the time he falls asleep at night. Maybe because his “Safe place” to play was taken over by “school works”. Of course, at his age, he still doesn’t understand the situation fully. Right? As much as we try our best to explain to him, he would, but he won’t too. I know you get what I mean.
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Why do we need to Protect the Joy of Play?
Imagine ano? Naglalaro lang sila, but little did we know they learn from playing? When our kids play they learn to a lot of skills that we didn’t know they would learn through play like problem solving, decision making, sharing or learning new words. Did you know when playing they also discover what skills and talents that they can do and what they may want to be in the future? Play builds self worth as they learn to use their abilities. Play helps to nurture their imagination and sense of adventure. Play also reduces stress. Not that they know what it is. But they do feel stressed too and by playing it gives them an outlet to address their anxiety. There is something more to it than what we know about PLAY. And it is important that we make time for it for our kids and make time for ourselves to play with our kids as well. And it is up to us parents to make sure to keep play a part of their daily routine and make sure that they are always having fun.
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With that said, how do we #ProtectTheJoyOfPlay?
Initiate play to your kid/s. It gives them ideas on what and how they can play, to test out and explore others at their own pace. They would even create their own ways of playing through what they learned from their parents. Also, if we don’t initiate play to our child they’d just be stuck on their screens and that we don’t want right?

Encourage them to play. So that in time, they don’t need to be encouraged anymore. They will just start playing as soon as they wake up until they need to sleep. Because they’ve already formed the habit of playing. A habit we’d surely want them to have.
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Prepare activities that your kid/s can do. This gives your kid structure when they learn through play. So that you can also maximize the opportunity for a child to actually learn, but put them discreetly.

Follow your kid’s lead when playing. Your kid learns and enjoys best when he is interested in what he is doing. With that you know what you can prepare for him to do. especially when you want him to learn something new.
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Provide toys and other resources. Be it lots of Hot wheels, boxes of Legos, wooden blocks, books and whatever toys you can think of. Just provide them whatever you can. Of course, something that they are interested in and is within your budget. You can use them all, in every way.

Involve yourself in playtime. Nothing beats being present and intentional in your kid’s playtime. It doesn’t matter if it is just 10 minutes of your time or you spent the whole day with them. All that matters is that you did. You found time for your kid/s and they will feel it in their heart that indeed, they’re important.
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Make sure that your kid is clean and fresh during playtime. Your kid can play and learn more when they are clean and fresh. Who wouldn’t, right? Even us, adults, doesn’t feel like doing anything when we feel icky. And when our kids are clean and fresh, they also have a good and positive feeling.
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To make sure that my child is clean and fresh always, I bathe him with Johnson’s Active Kids Clean and Fresh Shampoo and Wash, and of course, put Johnson’s Active Fresh Baby Powder. It makes our kids smell irresistibly fresh, with their long-lasting active fresh™ technology, but is definitely gentle vs adult brands but still effective for their needs.ProtectTheJoyOFPlayJNJ (7)ProtectTheJoyOFPlayJNJ (8)
Always remember that through protecting the joy of play, we are giving them more opportunities to be curious, to explore, to be creative. The next time your kid asks you to play with him, go with it. You never know, you both might need that time together at the moment. Playing has been our source of happiness and strength, especially during this pandemic. Playing together it is. Playing with each other. Playing always. Playing all ways.


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