Cuts4Tots Home Service

I’ve been meaning to avail of their services since last year, even before their branches had opened. But my family doesn’t want to cut Coco’s hair and just let it grow for now, since as they say, there wouldn’t be a chance for him to grow it again as long as he is in school (in the future). So I just let it be, even if Coco would always tell me that he wants to cut his hair or I get irritated of his long hair because it is always messy or it is hard to manage whenever I do little shoots with him for our collaborations. But since he is turning 8 soon and I booked a photoshoot for him and so I just had to cut his hair now.

I was thinking of bringing him to a branch but I worry that we might have problems with borrowing a car going to SM Aura, since as of this moment, that is the only branch that is available. So I inquired and scheduled his haircut a few days before his photoshoot. Tip: If you are planning to have your child’s haircut and has a schedule to follow, inquire earlier to get the schedule that will work for you. Imagine, It was only the last day of February when I inquired but the next available date for home service is already March 10. I also tried calling the Eastwood branch last December, because we were suddenly scheduled to have a mini Christmas photoshoot. But there was no available schedule, so nah. Hair cut didn’t push through.

So here is a picture after Coco’s last haircut (January 3, 2020), his hair during the last time he was out before classes were suspended (March 7, 2020) and the lockdown begun and how we can tie his hair few days before we cut it and his hair untied.

January 2020 Haircut
March 2020 Hair right before lockdown
March 2021, Tied hair
Coco’s lockdown hair

But of course, I want to be sentimental like that. The last time Coco had a very long hair was of course, before he had his first hair cut, also at Cuts4Tots. That time, we can also tie his hair, I wasn’t so sure then if I wanted to cut his hair but oh well, we did it.

So this time, I shampooed and combed his hair for the last time because who knows when will he have this hair kind of hair again. Of course, we used Johnson’s Active Fresh Shampoo to keep him fresh all day.

Cut4Tots team arrived 30 minutes earlier than our schedule and Coco was still eating lunch then, so they had to wait for a few more minutes. But it was all good since they still had to set up. They were a team of 2, excluding the driver from the private car that brought them here.

They brought their own chair, TV, table, hair grooming stuff and photo props which were all cleaned, alcohol-sanitized and UV-light sanitized. The comb that they used for Coco is new and they gave it to us after, one per household. They had Coco wear a disposable cape. Kuya barber was wearing disposable gloves, hair cap and apron as well, aside from the face mask and face shield that he was wearing.

the first snip


They were very careful to not go near Coco until they have started cutting his hair. The whole hair grooming process was 30 minutes only.

All in all, I am satisfied of the home service that Cuts4Tots offer, even though it is worth more than the normal hair cut. I was contemplating on whom I will contact to cut Coco’s hair but it still ended with Cuts4Tots. I am confident that since their main customers are kids, the health of their staff are well taken cared of.

Things to take note of:
1. They will be needing an electrical outlet nearby for the portable TV.
2. Clients needs to wear a face mask during the session.
3. It is recommended that the set up will take place in an open-air, garage set up.
4. Staff are advised to NOT SPEAK to clients, within 6ft, especially during haircut.
5. Bookings confirmed upon our receipt of full payment. Cancellations not allowed within 48 hours before schedule.

Rate is as follows:
Hair cut: Php450/each plus in branch or home service fee
In branch service: Php20 for Sanitation fee
Home service fee: Php500/household
First Haircut Cert: P195
FAMILY PROMO (kids/adults) : 1st 4 pax: P2,000 (incl home svc fee), Add’l pax: P350

Areas that they service on: San Juan, New Manila, Scout Areas, Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasig, selected Manila and QC. Other areas may require minimum of 2-4pax depending on area.

To book a home service appointment for your child, send them a message via their Facebook page or contact 09189042319. You can also visit their SM Aura Branch, as kids, all ages, are allowed entry only for essentials, including haircuts. Only 1 adult companion is allowed per child.



  1. I am so glad that they created this idea of home service. It helps the business owners, employers and the people too. just wondering if its more expensive because they have to travel. anyway, coco got a nice hair cut.:)


  2. That’s soooo cool! Looking fresh, Coco! Si Mommy din, hehe! I love that more and more businesses are creating alternatives during this time (and mukang hassle nga if you went to the branch and all). At least very safe kayo sa house lang and seems like he had so much fun too!


  3. Well, sarado ngayon because of ECQ but thanks for letting me know they do home service. My kids now have to sport shaved heads because it’s the safest haircut their dad can give them hahaha


  4. I can say that whether short or long hair, Coco is really cute. It’s nice how you elaborated the details of Cuts4Tots home service, following safety protocols and providing little entertainment for their guest by putting up a TV (which is effort by the way).
    I hope Coco enjoyed his haircut as I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep safe ❤️


  5. Uy, ang guapo! Bagay ang gupit. We’ve been loyal customers of Cuts4Tots but because of the pandemic, I was forced to cut both of my sons’ hair. It was passable, haha. Not sure though if I’ll get a home service but it’s still a great development for Cuts4Tots.


  6. omg they have the TV hahaha! i remember accompanying my cousins there, it’s such a breeze even tho i was in my teens because they behave! unlike in regular barber shops, they don’t feel very at ease with the crisp surroundings. maybe its a kid thing


  7. Oh I think I need them para sa haircut ng daughter ko. Haba na ng hair niya e and we are scared na dalhin muna siya sa mall just for a haircut. Their price is affordable too .


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