Frootip of the day? Snacktime with Frootees!

Big changes happened to everyone since the pandemic began and our kids are the most affected by this change. We had to transition from physical schooling to online schooling and having fun outside is not an option. Playtime now, means playing only at the confines of our homes. Boredom is an understatement. As their parent, we try our very best to keep their physical and mental wellbeing a priority that is why we see to it that our kids are able to eat and play healthy.

Our dear friends from Frootees sent over a Frootees Kit for Coco to enjoy. Thank goodness, it came at the right moment, when I’ve already run out of ideas to ease Coco’s boredom.

Not only that Coco was so busy for a few ours it also reminded us through the activities to not only eat a balanced meal everyday to keep our immunity up but to also eat on time to keep our body energetic and strong. Don’t forget the fruits and veggies!

Aside from doing fun activities, our kids can also learn proper hygiene and healthy habits when they watch The Frooteam Series via the Yey Channel YouTube Channel. In the series, The Frooteam – Scout Mango, Great Grape and Agent Berry saves the day when problem arises. It usually happens when kids don’t eat right, sleep early or even when they don’t exercise. Coco loves watching this series, as I’ve mentioned before

Frootip of the Day? Snack time with Frootees to make every health break exciting and enjoyable!

are delicious jam-filled shortcake biscuits with honey fortified with Vitamin C and Zinc, in mango, grapes, strawberry and their newest flavor, green apple that will keep our kids #HealthyEveryDaywithFrootees.

Frootees and The Frooteam Series are definitely my partner in improving Coco’s healthy and nutrition habits at home! I hope you do too!


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