White Flower: Ang Laging Handa na Pain Away Remedy

I always tell my mom, that of all the many things I could inherit from her, it is her horrible migraine. That is why at a very young age I’ve relied to sniffing anything eucalyptus plus rubbing it wherever it is aching. It has always been White Flower Embrocation Oil who eases the aches and pain that I feel, as a young girl who suffers dysmenorrhea for the first time to all the headaches that I experience up to this day. It really wasn’t a tita essential to me, as it has always been my #embrossential!

This small, legendary bottle of medicinal oil’s patak, sabay langhap at hagod can give us the relief we need, when we have headache, colds, dizziness, motion sickness, insect bites and even muscle pains. I’d also sniff away when I am stressed or to keep me awake. White Flower is made from a special blend of essential oils such as Wintergreen oil (Methyl Salicylate), Menthol Crystals, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor and Lavender Oil that actually gives us its iconic aroma and with all its blends it gives us a power remedy to ease away all the discomforts we may feel.

Aside from doing its 3 basic steps, ipatak (pour 2-3 drops into your palm and rub your hands), langhapin (cup your hands to your nose, then inhale deeply) and ihagod (massage in circular motion on to the aching areas) you can also try aromatherapy. Just pour 4-5 drops into a basin filled with water and allow the steam to gently clear your stuffy nose.whiteflower3

That’s why dapat palaging #LagingHanda, ’cause you’ll never know when you’ll need your White Flower. I always have a couple of bottles prepared and placed in different bags that I frequently use and this one with the carry case for the 5ML bottle with the bag I always use nowadays. One by my work station as well, so I can easily grab it whenever I need it.whiteflower4whiteflower5whiteflower6

Tale as old as time as it is, the comfort and soothing feeling that its aromatherapy never falters

PS. Keep away from small children.

White Flower Embrocation Oil is available in supermarket and drugstores nationwide. You can also shop for it at Shopee – Available in 5 sizes (20ML, 10ML, 5ML, 2.5ML and 1.5ML) plus 2 pcs 5ML pack with a carrying case.



  1. I remember when I bought my own White Flower (in the smallest bottle) which costs me $11.00! Mahal Momshie, but super helpful. My hubby loves it too, lalo na for massage.


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