#EatsSoEasy Meals with Purefoods Nuggets

Need to prepare breakfast early? I made nuggets and waffles for Coco to enjoy. Midnight snack? I just I made nuggets and chips platter for Coco and I to eat while watching a movie. Being a mom that has multiple tasks to finish throughout the day, you’ll always be grateful for the availability of food that #EatsSoEasy to prepare like that of Purefoods Nuggets. Shempre, I don’t want my growing boy to get hungry while I finish my work responsibilities.
purefoodsnuggets (8)

Purefoods Nuggets is delicious, simple and no-fuss to cook. You know how nuggets #EatsSoEasy to prepare right? Since it is pre-fried, straight from the freezer, you just have to pop it in the oven toaster for 5 minutes, really you don’t even need to thaw it and then it is ready to serve! It maintains its juiciness, crispiness and it is really chicken-tasty! Actually, you can deep fry these nuggets on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. But since I’m all for convenience, popping it in the oven saves me time from hassle of preparing and cleaning afterwards. Aside from that, since you will be using no oil at all, it will be less fatty and grease.
purefoodsnuggets (3)purefoodsnuggets (1) 
Did you know that Purefoods Nuggets has zero grams transfat? It only has around 150 calories for a 3pcs nuggets. It is protein loaded and has no additional preservatives. Serve and enjoy it anytime of the day – from breakfast to midnight snacks.  Appetizer, perhaps?
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Choose whatever your mood desires – Purefoods Chicken Popcorn Nuggets, Purefoods Crazy Cut Nuggets, Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets and Purefoods Chicken Drummets – and even add it to your favorite recipes.
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Purefoods Nuggets
is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online via The Mall by San Miguel, Lazada and Shopee.


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