Rebisco Grahams Fits Your Container Perfectly

Coco always ask me about me and his dada when we were younger. I told him that one of the things I used to do for his dada was make him a heart-shaped Graham Ref Cake. Realizing we have packs of Rebisco Grahams plus mixed fruits and cream from the #PamaskongHandog loot, he asked me if we could make one for Dada. Wow sweet?!
rebisco grahams 2rebisco grahams 1

Rebisco Grahams is the newest product offering of Rebisco, perfect not only for snacking but also for making quick no-bake desserts. I noticed how it is not so sweet, has a more delectable flavor and hindi nakakaumay. It #FitsYourContainerPerfectly as its size is bigger but smaller when broken into pieces. It has an easy break guide so you don’t need to worry about messy or uneven cuts. When you broken, since it is smaller, you don’t have to break it into smaller ones to cover your pan, with that mas tipid and sulit up to the last piece. Plus one pa na hindi ito madaling madurog. Oh diba? Great find talaga!
rebisco grahams 5

Let’s see if Dada will like our 2020 graham cake version made by his baby boy!! It might be different from the ones I make him since it isn’t heart shaped, and it used to be mango or oreo flavored. This time it is mixed fruits, since it is what’s available here.
rebisco grahams 3rebisco grahams 4

Rebisco Grahams is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and via Rebisco Shopee Mall.



  1. I always make Mango Graham Cake especially during the holiday season, and struggle ko talaga ang hindi pag fit ng crackers sa containers! Haha! I will try to use rebisco next time 🙂


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