Bring your Celebrations Online with Nutty Scientists

The pandemic shouldn’t prevent us from celebrating life’s important occasions – be it Halloween, Christmas, or even your birthday! That is why Nutty Scientists have brought their interactive science shows to the virtual space. They even incorporated simple and safe hands-on experiments so everyone joining will not only be watching, but will be able to get their hands busy and join in the fun!

When you celebrate with Nutty Scientists via their virtual events, you will get amazing science demonstrations that will surely amazed everyone. Interactive, hands on experiments with the instructor guiding everyone in performing the science challenges correctly. The science experiments that they choose are all easy to source materials so that the parents won’t have a hard time looking for them. The curated material list can be usually found at home or can be easily purchased from the nearby grocery. Customized party kits can also be prepared, packed with all the materials needed for your party, complete with customized stickers based on your party theme. Learning while having fun most importantly, aside from doing the experiment, the instructor would explain how and why the experiments work.

Coco had so much fun with his friends, Daryll, Andrej, Solana and Pylar during their #NuttyChristmas2020 Party with the Nutty Scientists crew. He also met new friends whom he hopes to meet in the future!

It was the first time he did those experiments. He was frustrated when he thought he won’t be able to achieve the said experiments but of course, he definitely had a grand time till the end.

We are also inviting you to join the Nutty Scientists Team as they will be having their Magic of Science Virtual Christmas Party on December 20, 2020! All materials needed for the hands on experiments will be prepared as a kit and is included in the registration fee. Slots available are 11AM, 2PM and 4PM. Early bird rates is extended until December 13, 2020. Limited slots available!

But to anyone who wants to join, you can use our discount code: COCOMARCUS when you register for the December 20, 2020 virtual Christmas party. You get a 20% off on their published rates. They also accept private virtual Christmas parties.

For more information, send a message through the @NuttyScientistsPhilippines Facebook or Instagram.


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