#UpgradeYourReality with Hayu and watch The Real Housewives too!

This is my reality. Not that my photos are glamorous, I just need to use the term,  but behind every glamorous photo of a mommy blogger like me, there is a struggle on how and when to “look good”, when you don’t even feel good at all because you have been tired the whole day, but you still have to prepare your contents (Time check: 12MN). Shout out to the exclusively curated glam kit especially made for me by Hayu.

Reality speaking, behind the Instagrammable photo you may have just liked is a son who just have tantrums because he lost the toy car that he was just holding all along; or siblings who just fought, or pile of used dishes still on the dining table, a burnt banana bread, newly laundered clothes that hasn’t been folded or just mess all around.

You may find some of our photos choreographed, but hey! We are just here to show you some slice of reality. We are normal mommies too. Speaking for myself – I just want to write. I am passionate. I am driven. I am resilient and I just want to inspire.

Also, beyond every exhausted mom is a mom who needs all the mom breaks she needs in her life. This is a real housewife you are hearing! Speaking of real, you can binge watch ALL SEASONS and the COMPLETE FRANCHISE of The Real Housewives franchise only on HAYU!

#UpgradeYourReality and Sign up via hayu.com or download the app to choose a plan with a FREE TRIAL or buy and save on a prepaid pass.

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