RH-CARE.INFO Reaches Out to Fellow Filipinos via its 24/7 One-Stop Info Hub for Reproductive Health Care

Honestly speaking, I have limited knowledge on talks about reproductive health. Ask me about family planning, I’d tell you to do calendar method, take a pill, use a condom and I will even tell you to abstain. I can’t even remember the last time I went to my Ob-Gyne for a check up. Don’t even ask me about gender-related diseases, as I have vague knowledge about it. Don’t ask me why maybe I wasn’t just so interested or maybe I am just complacent, as long as I don’t get pregnant again, get sick and continues to have proper hygiene.

But earlier this year, I was invited to attend the launch of The Medical City’s Center for Gender Health and Wellness. They are all for the inclusivity for the LGBTIQ+ so that they may have access to a quality heath care as well, as it is any individual’s right. With that I learned how it is really important not only for women, but also for men and the LGBTIQ+ community to not only give their reproductive health utmost importance, but also to be knowledgeable about it.

The thing is, just “googling” about it is not enough. Legit and credible sources online are limited and some would be lead to misinformation or worst, fake news. By the time that we are already on lockdown, I started to read more about a women’s reproductive health. I am really happy to share to you the one-stop information hub for reproductive health care, maternal health, youth news, and rescue resources that I discovered through RH Care Info

RH Care Info is a non-profit Reproductive Health Information Project (rh-care.info) by the Philippine Society for Responsible Parenthood, Inc. (PSRP), supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). An interactive website was created aiming to educate and support everyone – no matter how old, no matter what their gender is –  about how every individual has the right to make their own choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

RH-Care INFO’s Programs

Family Planning or Contraceptive Methods is a practice that limits the number of kids and controlling the gaps between births. At RH-CARE.INFO, families are provided necessary information to guide decisions in using family planning methods. Remember, your choice, your body but you have to discuss with your partner what kind of method you will choose since it just doesn’t protect a woman from being pregnant but it protects the couple from unplanned pregnancy. There are 10 methods to choose from and it is your choice on what method you will use – condom, COC (pills), Standard Days Method, POPs (Progestin-only Pills), Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM), IUD, Ligation, POIs, Vasectomy and Implant. It also details its benefits and how to use. More information about each method are available.

Maternal Health is about the health of a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum period. It is very important for mothers to receive proper maternal health care which is beneficial for both the mom and their baby, as they will be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally, they will have a safer pregnancy and childbirth, and lesser risks, deaths and complications after child birth. You will be able to read more information on pre-natal care, facility delivery and post-natal care.

STI and HIV Awareness is focused on how to remove the stigma when it comes to HIV and STI and to educate people on sexual and reproductive health to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic. You will be able to read more information about prevention, testing and treatment that will help in ending the discrimination to people who has it.

Gender-based Violence covers a wide range of expressions of harm towards persons due to reasons associated with their identified gender. RH Care Info serves as a safe space to raise awareness, empower women and support victims in sharing their experiences. Through RH Care Info, you can do your part and end violence whether you are a victim or a witness. More information about how to prevent violence to occur as well as local response services are available.

Young People be given proper support and guidance as they journey to adulthood to ensure their well-being and development, especially when it comes to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. More information about ASRH, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and ASRH services are available.

#MayKwentoAko is your virtual heart to heart, #SKL, open forum and safe space for productive discussions. Some started the conversation with May Kwento Ako and braved their fear to share their experiences that relates to family planning, gender violence, maternal health, STI diseases and youth. Sharing anonymously at times can sometimes take off load from one’s chest. Stories can lead to encouragement to face the truth. You may never know who you can touch with your story. Head over to #MayKwentoAko to read or share.

One of the most important features of rh-care.info is their Health Facility Locator. It will help you find clinics, hospitals, doctors and other health facilities that are located near you. Having this kind of service is really a big help to anyone. The contact numbers are very important, as they are updated. Since some numbers you will find when you Google aren’t available anymore. Especially in this time in the Covid-19 pandemic era, reaching out for help is hard, as most would be scared as they might get infected. Only health professionals can be relied on and be trusted at this point in time.

A support system is what is missing sometimes, that is why a person is holding back. Sometimes, it is someone we don’t know whom we can talk open talk to about some issues. Another important feature of rh-care.info is the free medical help regarding reproductive health concerns that may be easier for people who are not comfortable on going to clinics regarding this matter, who has no financial capacity  and add the fact that we can’t just go to clinics these days. Anonymity is very important in these kind of issues. If given opportunities like this, more and more people will be brave enough to come forward to seek help. For you to speak to anyone from RH Care Info privately, you may send them a private message at http://m.me/rhcare.info.

RH-care.info is definitely a helpful source of information for sexual and reproductive health that can really help educate, provide awareness and protection, may be and give easy access to reproductive health information which aims to address the rampant increase of concern to the reproductive health of a Filipino individual, especially of the Filipino youth. You can also join their Virtual Communities to join discussion and support group on its different programs. Feel free to check out the website rh-care.info and their socials – FacebookInstagramTwitter




  1. Filipinos are becoming more and more innovative with regards to improving our healthcare situation. We are slowly adopting the technology and system of our progressive countries and I pray and hope to see a continuous progress because it will uplift the lives of our kababayans all over the world


  2. “Remember, your choice, your body…” Yes I agree. And like any other choice, it comes with consequence–good and/or bad.

    “A support system is what is missing sometimes, that is why a person is holding back. Sometimes, it is someone we don’t know whom we can talk open talk to about some issues.” I know this from experience that is why when a friend needs me, I really take time to be there for them.

    One time, a friend called me after his consultation from a psychiatrist to meet me. Without any hesitation, I came. Another time, a friend asked me if he would ask her gf to abort their baby.

    And many other hours of conversation over messenger (call and chat), listening to my friends crying because they are in pain or because of other possible reasons.

    I may not be able to support my friends financially, but at least I can support them by making them feel that they are not alone with the battles they are in.


  3. These kinds of programs should not be overlooked. Good thing they are doing this na. It should be pushed not only to marginalized but also Class A and Cs. Education is very important.


  4. Ako din naman mommy hindi rin ako maalam pagdating sa rep health which I find very ironic kasi diba kung anu pa yung importante para nakakatamad pag aralan. Buti nalang din talaga may mga kagaya nito na napagkukunan naten ng reliable information and support group na rin. Shame hindi ko to alam nung buntis ako.


  5. This is such a nice discovery! And also ang galing nung #MayKwentoAko na part! I think it’s nice to be part of a friendly community where you’re free to discuss anything and not be judged. 🙂


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