Fuel Happiness with Koko Krunch

Despite the new normal schooling Coco and a lot of kids are experiencing now, I always make sure to prepare all of his favorite breakfast foods like when he still goes to school physically so that he’d have the same feels, as he would normally do.DSCF8204
Even before, I always make sure that Coco gets to have a healthy and balanced breakfast so that he would be fueled for the day. He would also make a request to make him mini banana pancakes and of course, his ultimate favorite, a bowl (or two!) of Koko Krunch, and that always does the trick.kokoduo
Yes, he couldn’t help it, he loves Koko Krunch so much because of its great chocolatey taste. But what I love about it is that they added more whole grain with lesser sugar but it still has the same natural goodness. It is also packed with Vitamin B and Minerals like Iron and Calcium, plus whole grain, which is a natural source of fiber. Diba? Healthy! Why not! Just add milk and fruits, balanced breakfast na!DSCF8213
Glad that there’s this breakfast cereal that Coco loves, as it is very easy to prepare, with that I can easily jump start his day and give him healthy and high energy levels to make him alive, awake and active! Definitely Koko for my Coco!
#FuelHappinessWithKoko #BreakfastWithKoko



  1. Koko Krunch is my sister’s all time favorite Cereals!!! grabeh kahit walng milk she could eat a bowl of koko krunch/ I think koko Krunch is one of the first and original cereals introduced to Filipinos! We know it will be a hit because we love sweets and chocolates! I love koko krispies too!!! im not sure if they’re both on the same company


  2. Our 3 teens love Koko Krunch as well! Hindi nawawala sa weekly grocery list namin 🙂 They also have that fruity flavour.


  3. OMGGG! I’M SOOOO HYPE RN KASI KOKO CRUNCH IS A FAVE! 😍 kwento ko lang na when i was a kid, my mom used to give me a box of this every Christmas. Nilalagay pa nya yun sa Chrismas tree as gift present kaya once a year lang ako nagkakaroon ng Koko crunch in a box and sobrang tuwang tuwa nako non 😍 inaabot pa ng new year yung one box supply ko kasi inuunti unti ko ng kain hahaha sheeet the nostalgia! 😍💕


  4. fave din ito ng kids ko lalo na ng eldest., ang 1 box? naku matagal na ang 3 days lalo na pag ginagawa ko pang agahan paminsan minsan 🙂


  5. My kids love this! Koko Crunch is a staple in our breakfast too, as dessert once they finish their rice and eggs hahaha! Plus I love the point na isinasalba ako ni koko crunch if ever that I slept late and need to feed them something good to start their day.


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