Batang may Lakas at Talas with Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk

The first week of classes has gone by so fast! How was it with you? How was your kids? Most of us are still in the adjusting stage but I’m sure, we will get by! How can we make sure na our kids ay may talas at lakas sa araw-araw lalo na pag “pumapasok” sila sa classes nila?alaskamoma2

We try hard to make Coco sleep early, then we do a little stretching in the morning and of course, eat a healthy and balanced meal, especially for breakfast. But most importantly, fuel them with a glass of milk in the morning. Don’t forget to give your child the creamy and delicious goodness of Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk, with pro-growth nutrients, para lumaki silang may talas at lakas para harapin ang bukas!alaskamoma 1

Dahil ang makulit na mommy, maalaga! Especially now that he is back to school already even though it is just online. I make sure that he will participate actively in class, energized the whole day and has a strong body to protect himself from illness.

If you are a makulit mommy like me, join me and all other MOMAs at our Facebook Group: MOMA: Moms of Manila and Alaska Milk.


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