The German Classic Drink, Sinalco is now in the Philippines!

If you really can’t live without soda, and you want to lessen sugar intake, I think I have the best solution for you.

in latin means “no alcohol” and it is the very first non-alcoholic brand in Europe that goes way back to 1905. Known for its unique taste and premium quality, it is available in 50 countries globally. It is the healthier soft drinks option because it uses natural sweeteners.
2020_0826_22344600-01[1]And I’m so excited to share to you that we can now experience it here in the Philippines with two flavors to love: 1) Sinalco Cola (black) is our favorite cola flavor but it is less sweeter. It can actually be taken by acidic people since carbonation formula is not very strong. 2) Sinalco Special (pink) is the fruity cola with its 4 flavors in one can – lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry.

Please take note that SRP is Php25-Php33 depends on where you buy, supermarket or convenience store. You can buy it in these stores:

Grab your glass of ice now and beat the heat with Sinalco!



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