CLEENE Provides Refilling Stations for Accesibility of Ethyl Alcohol

Disinfection has been integral part of our New Normal routine in the last couple of months, to keep our family safe and protected from covid19 and other germs. Fact is, I spray alcohol a couple more times now than before. Even Coco has already learned the habit of not just washing his hands as frequent as possible, but to sanitize as well, with the alcohol that has been our family’s most trusted alcohol brand for generations, Cleene Ethyl Alcohol.

During the early months of community quarantine, we have even reached to a shortage of supply of alcohol products because of the surge in demand, and the demand couldn’t be met because of the disruption of operations and shortage of packaging and raw materials.

Sharing the good news with you! You can now get a refill of Cleene Ethyl Alcohol 70% Solution at their Refilling Stations on selected Mercury Drug branches by bringing in clean and empty alcohol bottle of ANY brand. You didn’t just save Mother Earth by reusing empty bottles but you also saved yourself a few pesos! Yep. I saved 36php!

You can have access to these refilling stations by bringing a clean and empty alcohol bottle of any brand in 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. A Cleene associate will be assisting you in refilling your bottle. Bottles should not resemble containers for water, gin and any other beverages. He will check first if it is clean and if it is the correct container. Then, he will put a barcode for the  cashier to punch when you pay. A disclaimer sticker is also placed that says you were able to buy Cleene Ethyl Alcohol in good condition.

Each consumer is ONLY ALLOWED to purchase only with the combinations listed below:
Two 250ml bottles (Total of 500ml)
Two 500ml bottles (Total of 1000ml)
One 250ml bottle and 1 500ml bottle (Total of 750ml)
Four 250ml bottles (Total of 1000ml)
Two 250ml bottles and 1 500ml bottle (Total of 1000ml)
One 1000ml bottle

Here is a chart of alcohol refill prices, so you can check how much you can save when you refill, instead of buying a new one.

Cleene has partnered with Mercury Drug making alcohol purchase as easy-access as possible. Where to find these Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Refilling Stations?

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol makes sure that every Filipinos are clean and safe, whether they are at home or outside doing their necessary responsibilities. Get your alcohol bottles refilled at the Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Refilling Stations now! For more information head over Facebook or Instagram.

And this is one of my routines these days.. alam niyo na, these days when we go out, we should prepare our face mask, face shield, safe key and alcohol. Since I just did refills for my alcohol in 500ml bottles and I don’t intend to bring that big when I go out, I fill in small spray bottles. Easy!
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  1. Parang I’ve read a separate article na alcohol refills are a thing a now, I mean many are offering refills na. It’s so nice to know at least we limit the one-time use bottles diba? ❤ I loove Cleene and super thank you sa brands na nag ooffer ng discounts. Great help for everyone.


  2. Refilling alcohol is indeed better than buying new bottles! It is more affordable and it helps in saving the environment 🙂


  3. This is really a great and smart way to save money because of the huge discounts. It’s great for the environment too! I hope more companies follow! 🙂


  4. Very handy! Imbes na mag-stock ng bottles, this option is eco-friendly AND saves you some coin, which is always a good thing. Will have to check if this is available here in Naga City too!


  5. This is so nice to hear! I Haven’t been to Mercury for awhile now because of the crowd but I probably should so I can get my refill of Cleene. Ang mura pa!!!


  6. This comes in handy.. An eco-friendly idea.. And it also helps people to save a penny.. I hope this is available all over the country.


  7. Omg talk about convenience! Kudos to Cleene for doing this initiative and thank you for sharing this!! Super informative ng price list and this blog post in general!! I am really considering getting our bottles refilled na tuloy. Hay, very important na Kasi talaga ang alcohol during this tough time


  8. Omg talk about convenience! Kudos to Cleene for doing this initiative and thank you for sharing this!! Super informative ng price list. I am really considering getting our bottles refilled. Hay, very important na talaga ang alcohol during this tough time


  9. I’ve seen you video in YouTube about this! I hope this isn’t limited to just in Mercury. Sana available rin sila in other places para easy access for more people!


  10. Waaaah our family is using Cleene and omg walang refilling station dito samin. Makaka save pa naman sana kung meron. Maganda din to kasi para hindi ma-imbak yung mga plastic bottles so, napaka environmental-friendly din. NICE ONE CLEENE!


  11. Maganda itong refilling station kasi nakakatipid na, nakakatulong pa no need to buy new container. Buti they accept any brands ng container.


  12. First time to actually see a refilling station for Alcohol and its Cleene pa! This would help both people and the enviroment. Good job!


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