Little Boys Learn About their Privates with the New Children’s Book, “Ako ay May Titi”

Coco and I read his new book entitled “Ako ay May Titi“, written by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz and illustrated by Beth Parrocha, published by Lampara Books. akoaymaytitibook This book talks about an important part of a boy’s body, which is his penis. Honestly, I have never talked to him about it because I thought I didn’t need to. But he is already 7 years old, I guess, this is the best time for him to learn and understand his private part and how to important that he takes care of it. 2020_0823_14592400-01[1] What I also like about the book is how it effortlessly say the word “titi“, which even I have a hard time and is very shy to say. This book made me realize that we should say it and teach it to our children in its correct term, whether in English and Tagalog. The word isn’t really bastos (vulgar) — it is how it is used and said. It will always be up to us, parents on how we educate our children about it. Remember, learning always starts at home. 2020_0823_15000500-01[1] Most parents have a hard time or doesn’t know how to discuss this once a child becomes curious and start asking questions. Sometimes, we are caught off guard. For some, malice comes first. For some, they talk about it by using different terms like the birds and the bees. Like me for example, I wouldn’t know how to start this kind of conversations. Coco hasn’t asked anything yet but I guess, in a way, this book is a big help to me. I started the conversation on how to take care of it through this book. So I think, in the future, when he starts to become more curious, he wouldn’t hesitate to ask me about it because he knows that I am capable of giving him answers, as much as he trusts me. Discussing private parts to children shouldn’t be an issue. There is really nothing to be ashamed of. It’s actually a big deal because not only that they will know how to take care of it, but also it can create awareness on how they should value themselves, its importance and lastly, how they could identify red flags when it comes to child and sexual abuse. 2020_0823_14593200-01[1] For a boymom like me, this book is highly recommended. Make sure to grab a copy and just go with the flow when curious minds arise. Don’t dilly dally, hesitate and be ashamed. The book is best for children five years old and above. You can buy “Ako ay May Titi” for only Php95 via Shopee PS. Something for the girls will come out soon as well. UPDATE as of November 2020. CLICK HERE TO READ the Ako ay May Kiki Blog. #AkoAyMayTiti #LamparaBooks #LABTime #LearningAndBondingTime #OrasNgLaroAtBasa #childrensbooks #raisingreaders #Parenting #ActivityBooks #KidsBooks

27 thoughts on “Little Boys Learn About their Privates with the New Children’s Book, “Ako ay May Titi”

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  1. this is a must read book ung iba jinudge agad base sa title we shouldn’t be ashamed un naman talaga correct term eh. sana may for girls din


  2. Hey this is nice! It’s about time parents learn how to be open to the idea of discussing sensitive topics like this. I wonder if there will be a version for girls too soon! 🙂


  3. I am not comfortable with saying the private part too. But, as we have sons, I think it is our responsibility to educate them about it as well. I remember I laughed at NBS when I saw that. hehe Seeing your post made me regret that I didn’t get a copy for my son.


  4. Speaking of private parts I’m kind of curious when do they start teaching about them in school… like what grade level. I can’t seem to remember mine. Hahaha 😂 i notice some kids especially boys use “titi” as a vulgar word which maybe makes it like a taboo subject. I’m glad you’re teaching Coco at a young age!


  5. I love that this book is educational, at the same time straightforward. No need to use other words, kasi yun naman talaga yun. It’s a matter of appreciating ano talaga yung lesson sa book 🙂

    Ang cute kaya! I’m sure marami matatawa, pero makakatulong din to sa kids for awareness, diba? Ano kaya title ng pang girls..


  6. This book is such an eye opener! It’s a reminder that times have changed. There’s nothing wrong in educating young ones about sex education. In fact, it will make them understand and be more aware in the long run. Great that you as mommy is reading this to him!


  7. This seems a cool book. Kids are always curious and it is best to teach them the right way. Do they have other versions for females?


  8. This book is really such a big leap from our toxic conservative culture. I hope someday, more books get published with this in mind. It’s time we see things in a different perspective.


  9. That’s such a nice, mature book to teach young boys about the importance of knowing what’s penis is. Nowaday, it’s really important for them to be aware and I hope the society would normalise this one– teach young ones that it’s not bastos so that they wouldn’t grow up thinking that identifying reproductive parts is not being bastos.


  10. This is such a nice book and it’s time to educate our kids about their private parts. But honestly, I’m having a hard time to say it in Tagalog but it’s very easy for me to say it in Korean hahaha


  11. Oh nice. Sir Genaro is my mentor and he’s good. We also need to teach them the exact name of their body parts instead of using other terms. There’s no bastos in that. I like to keep one of that too.


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