#MakeTheUpgrade to a Better Clean with Oral-B

Today I joined Bianca Gonzalez as she did her first ever FB live inside her bathroom while she did a GRWM sesh with us the viewers and as she also reveals a BIG SECRET on a recent area where she was able to #MakeTheUpgrade.

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OralBMakeTheUpgrade (11)

First big secret she revealed is that Kylie Versoza and Nico Bolzico have joined her in the Oral-B family. All three of them decided to #MakeTheUpgrade to a better clean with Oral-B. Bianca said, “Taking care of our teeth, our oral health is important but we sort of have this habit to not try to look for the best and we don’t do more to take care of our teeth. That’s why for many, many years, Oral-B has made it their passion to provide Filipinos with products that not only clean teeth better and whiter but also it is important that they provide the best possible oral health care.” (Video of the FB live below)

And Oral-B will indeed definitely give us the best possible oral health care.

Kylie said, “I realize I was settling for less. When I joined the Oral-B family, my teeth and breath became so much cleaner and my oral health was so much cleaner.” While Nico said, “You should take care of your teeth better. Settling for okay lang, in the long term it will be painful. Now doing it properly and you have the best, there is no way of going back to before.

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Bianca introduces the special dentist guest, Dr. Ralph Delas Alas to share some do’s and don’t’s when it comes with our oral health care.

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1. Any food left inside the mouth are broken down by bacteria and it will produce sulfur compounds. That sulfur can cause bad breath and the most common cause of bad breath of all the food that we eat is garlic. Garlic has sulfur compound that causes our breath that bad smell.

2. Not all toothbrush clean the same. A lot of people don’t take into consideration when buying their toothbrush. There is actually a brush out there that is able to clean better than a reg toothbrush.

3. We should use fluoride mouthwash after brushing our teeth.

4. Laser teeth whitening is not recommended because it will further degrade the enamel surface. By using Oral-B 3D White, even without doing laser teeth whiting, you can maintain the whiteness of you teeth, which is safe because it doesn’t have peroxide that is the whitening content in clinics. It is not really bad, but it is only applicable every year or two. Not recommended if every 4 months.

5. Enamel is outer covering of the teeth. If enamel becomes thin you can never regain it. All of the oral hygiene measures should be the prevention of making it thin. When we get a little older it becomes yellowish, its because the enamel is too thin and it shows the next layer which is the Dentin.

Find out why Oral-B products are highly recommended by dentists and experts (and Nico Bolzico) by explaining each product in detail. Doc Ralph seconds the motion. He even uses Oral-B Deep Clean Mouthwash in his clinics.

Oral-B Charcoal White Cross Action Toothbrush are designed to CLEAN TEETH BETTER!

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1). It has an angled, crisscrossed bristles that fit better between teeth and remove plaque thoroughly versus regular toothbrush. Angulation is important to reach hard to reach areas. It’s bristles goes both ways, not the usual straight. It has a 26 degree angle that is patented by Oral-B. Cross action attacks plaque 5 times with every stroke.

OralBMakeTheUpgrade (1)

2). It has a special head that was made to read even the back of your molars.

OralBMakeTheUpgrade (8)

3). It has soft and flexible bristle that is important for massaging gums. It has end-rounded bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums. The bristles are charcoal infused that absorbs odor-causing agents that leave our mouth feeling more clean and odor-free.

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4). It has a tongue cleaner to reduce bad breath.

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Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste is the only toothpaste in the market, so far that has gum and enamel repair. It doesn’t thin or weaken our teeth. This doesn’t only removes plaque bacteria but also proven to target bacteria along the gum line. It penetrates tooth surface to repair weakened enamel, as well as protect it against dietary acid erosion. It helps rejuvenate gums in 2 weeks.

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Oral-B 3D White Rinse Mouthwash when used after brushing will whiten your teeth in just 7 days. It has fluoride and it can effectively remove stains and prevent stains.

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Oral-B Deep Clean Mouthwash has a triple formula action that reduces plaque bacteria, helps prevent gingivitis and freshens breath. It gives us healthier gums and stronger teeth. It has no alcohol.

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While growing up I have always been conscious of one sungki tooth of mine and it really made me less confident on how I would project myself. But one of my college mentors told me that I should love my imperfections because that made me, me. I did. But I will always have days that I still won’t feel good about it. Now that I made an upgrade with my oral health care, I feel that I am more confident despite of the so-called imperfection that I hate the most.

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OralBMakeTheUpgrade (15)

I’m so happy that I joined Bianca, Nico and Kylie to #MakeTheUpgrade with my oral health care. I never knew that for so long, I have just been settling for whatever I see and just grab from the grocery counter. So I realize that I should have always been choosing nothing but the best for my pearly whites. As Kylie said, “oral health is connected to our overall health” and I believe that if we have championed our oral health, we will be able to face anything. Yes, pang beauty queen na sagot!

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To spot me: bottom-est with the whitest background XD

Is your oral care routine enough? It’s time to #MakeTheUpgrade to a better clean with Oral-B’s best ever product line. Brush to clean then rinse to whiten with Oral-B’s Charcoal White Toothbrush and NEW Oral-B 3D White Rinse for a better, whiter and brighter smile.



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